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The Doom of the Titanic: Outline of the Scenario

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A idea to write the plot for the film where the drama‘s protagonist of the doom of the Titanic was not a person but the ship came to me many years ago. Do you remember with what fanfare promotion the movie Titanic then gathered almost all Oscars?
But this movie, in fact, is a banal melodrama that unfolds in the scenery of the legendary liner. In this movie the most Titanic assigned the unenviable role, because such love stories can happen anywhere. Agree the liner was simply spectacular attraction for spectators. It is a pity the film did not consider the liner's own tragedy happened by human stupidity and arrogance.
I recollected this idea of mine quite by accident, when I was bored for six hours at Munich Airport in anticipation of a connecting flight. I came across a newspaper that mentioned that old catastrophe. The reason for publication was the centenary of a tragic event.
And from that moment I no longer regretted my confinement in the transit hall of the airport...

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