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Love and Liberation

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Christians have sex? Like... kinky sex?

Dina is a young, married Christian. Hired as a part-time maid by some wealthy employers, she is surprised to recognize some familiar faces at the weekly parties. She is hired to clean the basement where the furnishings and implements tell her the parties are very sexual in nature.

Kinky sexual.

Troubled by the lady of the house, Dina struggles to discover if her preconceptions were wrong. Has she been living with traditions rather than truth? She is faced with the realization that much of what she learned was a product of teaching with no relation to the truth in the scriptures.

Note: the story delivers a challenge to religious preconceptions by exposing a couple of very common myths about sex. It will be left to the reader to research and decide on their own. All verses and origins used in this book were thoroughly researched as to original (Greek/Hebrew) wording, intent, and context. The time spent researching the background took longer than the time it took to write the book. The author (Laran Mithras is a Jesus-freak) hopes the reader finds inspiration in the effort expended.

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