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The Nurse Wore Panties, Book 1: Ward Eleven

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"It’s the evening of Christmas Day and Linda Trott, a junior nurse, drops by Ward Eleven to finally put her master plan into action. She’s been sizing up her biker patient, Matt, for some time and tonight he’s not really in a position to refuse her. Dressed to impress, Linda soon arrives gift-wrapped and impatient for action.

However, the horny red-head soon discovers that the object of her affection has already been mysteriously decorated with a pair of white lace panties. Is someone else playing reindeer games too?

Can this junior nurse still carry out her naughty plan to seduce Matt without arousing suspicion? It’s a risky move and she’ll need to be smart to avoid being caught out by her younger blond rival, Erica Carfax. And how can Linda get her revenge on Peter, her slime-ball ex-boyfriend who also happens to be Sacred Heart Hospital’s head gynecologist?

One thing is for sure, after tonight on Ward Eleven, things are never going to be the same again for Nurse Linda Trott."

Join the rounds at one twisted hospital and enter the secret and erotic world of the pantie fetish. Each book of Linda’s ‘Nurse’ series features hot women (and sometimes men too) that can’t help but crave the sensual feelings of delicate silk brushing against their soft bare skin.

WARNING: if the above wasn’t clear, these books contain explicit erotic content.

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