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Forsaken Hunger

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Forsaken beyond redemption and forced into servitude for his sins, only death can be his salvation.

As payment for his crimes, Saden was disowned by his Vampyre race and made a Drakon—a slave trained to become a soulless killer and forced by his master to apprehend other demon criminals. He was an assassin with no future except the promise of death at the end of his sentence to relieve his suffering. His life was forfeit, and had been since the day he was betrayed by the one man he'd trusted with his life—his uncle, Gabriel.

The only respite in the madness of his world lay in the heart of a warrior he'd sworn to protect. A woman who wasn't even aware of his existence.

Daneya had learned early in life that the only one she could depend on was herself. Circumstance had made her hard and unyielding, with only the love of her daughter to keep her going. But she was running from a past that chased her relentlessly, and a man who wouldn't let her go.

Even after joining an organization dedicated to destroying demons who preyed on humans, she still couldn't escape the Vampyre who haunted her nightmares. Gabriel would find her. It was only a matter of time.

Her only chance was to trust in a criminal whose sins made him the very thing she hated. Yet Saden wasn't what she'd expected at all. Could she learn to trust him with her life and heart before Gabriel took everything in his lust for power?

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