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Sergeant's Secrets

87 pages2 hours


Keeping secrets from your mate is a struggle—especially when he can read your mind.

Sergeant is doing the night security shift to give his mate, Dillon, a break. On his rounds, he smells a stranger wolf and heads into the forest to investigate. What he finds is disturbing—and what happens next even more so. With events out of his control, he's at a loss as to what to do. What the hell is going on?

Dillon wakes knowing something is wrong. He follows Sergeant's trail into the forest and realizes that his mate is in deep trouble. A plane ride later, and with a few Highgate shifters by his side, Dillon has to find Sergeant fast—before any harm comes to him.

After a bizarre experience, Sergeant is free to go back to Highgate, but there is a stipulation. He must not tell Dillon—or anyone—what happened to him until the time is right. Sergeant detests keeping things from his life partner, but there is no alternative, and hiding secrets is what he must do. At the same time, Sergeant has a massive decision to make—one that will affect not only himself and Dillon, but also the Highgate pack and all known shifter wolves, as well as other shifter species.

The burden is a heavy one, and Sergeant can't wait to offload it. Time is holding him back, though, and he must wait before he can give an answer to something he never would have dreamed he'd have to contemplate.

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