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All's Fur in Love and War: Arcane Affairs Agency

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Agent Sarah Hazelwood didn't get to where she is by resting on her laurels. She's a witch that works hard and takes great pride in the position she's earned in the Arcane Affairs Agency. When another promotion is put in front of her, she'll do anything she can to get it. Even working with a loose-cannon shifter agent like Dane Landon.
Dane has always been the strongest and the fastest shifter around. Natural ability has made life easy on Dane, and that's exactly how he likes it. To Dane, Sarah is beautiful and brilliant, but demanding and strict. He's never had to work for a woman's attention like this.
Their personalities collide when shifters in a small town begin losing their abilities. Unable to shift, unable to access the strength and power they're used to, and without answers, they call the Agency for help. But the town has made their stance very clear; they don't want a witch's help. After Dane loses his own ability, he and Sarah must work together to protect themselves and solve the case.
Will they be enough to save a town from itself? Or will their feelings for each other get in the way?

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