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Keto Bread:Low Carb Ketogenic Bread Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss and A Healthy Lifestyle

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This cookbook is for those finding the eating of bread, cookies, buns muffins and sandwich so irresistible, but still want to eat healthy. 

This cookbook will show you how to make low carb bread, cookies, buns and muffins without  so much carbohydrate. A combination of sweet and Savory recipes you can make on any occasion, from your nutrition expert Paul Collins.

The recipes in this book are Ideal food for high fat, low-calorie Ketogenic, and Paleo diets, also a good substitute for sugary treats.  With recipes you will find in this book, you can end your carb craving, food obsession and the restriction from other diets. You will be able to eat delicious and healthy bread and other lovely treats and get that weight and health you desire without starving yourself.

It's such a relief to know you can still eat sweet treats and stay healthy.

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