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Savage Midnight: Skull Riders MC, #2

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This is book 2 of the Skull Riders MC romance series! Book 3 is available everywhere now!

A savage night with the biker left me burned and broken.

He's the cause of my chaos.

And the only cure for the fire raging between my legs.

But the biker's offer will take me into uncharted territory.

Can I survive a night in his bed?


I light fires for a living.

And that includes the one I intend to light in the sexy young reporter who thinks she's onto a hot story.

Precious Willa didn't know how lost she was the day she followed me into the bar.

And she definitely didn't know how straight out of luck she was…

Until she went home after to find her apartment building going up in flames.

I may have had a hand in that.

But I'll have a hand in helping get her back to her feet, also.

Well… maybe getting to her knees.

Because my door is open, and my bed is warm.

And the asking price for my generosity is one she can't resist paying.

I want her body.

I want her womb.

I want Willa to bear my child.


I should have known better than to go home with Diesel.

He strikes deals as easily as he strikes a match… and I just know he's the SOB who burned down my apartment.

But I have nowhere else to turn.

Besides, as an aspiring reporter, how can I resist getting to the bottom of this story?

And as a woman, how can I resist his other offer?

Because the truth of the matter is, I want Diesel's fire-starting hands all over me.

I want his powerful body thrusting between my legs.

I want to destruct beneath him.

And when he tells me how he wants to use me, I discover something I never knew about myself:

I want to bear the biker's baby.

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