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Lori and Jimmy had just started their marriage journey when Jimmy discovered a lot he hadn’t know about his wife. He also discovered a lot about himself.

Among the discoveries Jimmy found that Lori had enjoyed a robust sex life in college. He discovered, to his delight, that Lori had a thing for black men. That tickled his imagination and his desire to watch her in action.

On a business trip to Saint Louis, Missouri they connected with two of Lori’s old chums. One had been in prison and the other ran a cathouse across the river in East Saint Louis, Illinois. The sperm and sweat flew as Lori and they became reunited. While in St. Louie, they met a new friend, Bernie.

Later they found themselves in the British Virgin Islands at a resort that catered to black men wanting to sample the delights of white women.

This story contains a lot of black on white sex. One on one, two on one, and more. It also has some girl on girl sex when Lori and Bernie get together.

You’ll meet some old friends and one of them is our old friend Bull Jones (there is an e-book on A1AdultEbooks by this name) shows up and the action starts all over again.

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