A Day in the Life
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Nearly a year has passed since Stella rescued her handsome captain, Acer, one of the infamous Sons of Lyra, from an arranged marriage that he wanted no part of and stole him away to a future that he did want. Life hasn't quite gone as planned. The appearance of the Vegan barrier around the Black Zone cut their romantic getaway short and they've done nothing but investigate the area since then. Mission after mission has left engineer Stella tired but they're finally heading back to Lyra Prime, just her and Acer on the whole ship. It's the last straw when it mysteriously breaks down again, leaving them adrift in space, and nothing seems to be wrong with it. Stella can't stop her thoughts from wandering and can't take anymore. Why hasn't Acer married her yet when he'd told her they'd be wed before the year was out? Why can't she fix the ship? And why is Acer acting so seductive and mischievous?
Published: Felicity Heaton on