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Whispers of the Sidhe: Zoë Delante Thrillers, #3

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Whispers of the Sidhe: Zoë Delante Thrillers, #3

Length: 497 pages7 hours


What Wiccan games we play. Some wounds never die.

WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Winter 2020 -- Best Paranormal Suspense
HONORABLE MENTION: Readers' Favorite Book Awards 2020 - Fiction-Paranormal

Six months after the devastating end of her last case, police clairvoyant, as Zoë Delante sifts through the remains of her life, she gets an unexpected call. But the naga Seth Northman brings only ill-tidings: he has been apprehended in the murder of her father and needs her help.

Except that her father has been dead for almost thirty years.

Leaving the darkness she knows in Baltimore for the sunny climes of a little southwestern town in Arizona, Zoë falls headfirst into a whole new world of supernatural politics and intrigue. As she unravels the mystery that brought her there, the Wild, Wild West pushes her abilities and patience to the limit.

The clock is ticking, and the bosses keep getting worse. But who among her new acquaintances are her allies? The naga? The charismatic Star Prince? More importantly, who are her enemies?

Zoë's running out of time, but there are worse things than death.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS a suspenseful, thrilling glance inside one woman's extraordinary connection to the elements around her, in the third of the action-packed, paranormal "Zoë Delante Thrillers" series. [DRM-Free]

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