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That Fifth Element:: Poetry
That Fifth Element:: Poetry
That Fifth Element:: Poetry
Ebook76 pages17 minutes

That Fifth Element:: Poetry

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About this ebook

Poetry: that fifth element: essential for human eyes to read, human ears to hear, and human hearts and souls to feel.  Four elements as envisioned by Linda Imbler within poetry’s arc: from the myth of Theros to the reality of tornadoes [Air,] within the depths of despair at the loss of flood victims to the beautiful imaginativeness that can develop while watching clouds [Water,] following the trail from horrible domestic violence to paranormality [Fire,] seeking truth about a present day metaphorical earthquake or the theory of a future apocalyptic world [Earth.]

Release dateNov 15, 2019
That Fifth Element:: Poetry
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Rating: 0 out of 5 stars
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    Book preview

    That Fifth Element: - Linda Imbler




    By Linda Imbler

    That Fifth Element: Poetry by

    Linda Imbler

    published by Soma Publishing

    atlanta -- miami


    Copyright © 2019 Linda Imbler

    All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher, Soma Publishing, except as permitted by U.S. Copyright Law. For permissions contact: MA Rossi



    Thank you so much to Editor Mark Antony Rossi of Soma Publishing for allowing me another opportunity to share my work through this up-and-coming medium of e-books.

    To all who read this book, I thank you, with much gratitude.

    About This Book:

    Forget atoms and molecules. In the simplest terms, an element is part of something essential: Water, Air, Fire, Earth. And then there is Poetry, the fifth element: essential for human eyes to read, human ears to hear, and human hearts and souls to feel.

    So, please, enjoy reading my poems that address aspects of the first four elements and how each can be viewed within poetry’s arc.

    Table of Contents


    The Army in the Clouds

    Refraction on a Rainy Eve

    Neptune’s Choir

    Permutations of Getting Wet

    Literary Teapots

    A Backyard Incident in St. Louis

    A Cup of Tea





    Ice Dancers



    Theros Bequeaths Her Breath To Carpo

    Where Chief Once Stood

    Music of the Spheres

    The Man in the Derby Hat


    Zodiac: A Mis-step

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