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Rapid Read Series



Samantha Beaumont believes in pragmatic philosophy and taking responsibility for her actions. On their wedding night Josh promised her that his life goals would never become more important than hers.In six years Josh's career exploded with success, while motherhood and family responsibilities pushed hers further into the abyss.Sam didn't really mind because her son, Tom, was the centre of her world, and being an exceptional wife and mother were her primary goals.Sam learns Josh is having an extramarital affair, but she refuses to accept her marriage is over. Her daily life continues as though nothing has changed. Blinkers allow the couple to re-establish their family unit, however the fractures in their relationship mean the marriage continues to disintegrate.When Josh returns to his lover Sam realises it's time for her to move on with her own life.When history repeats itself in her son's life, Sam tries desperately to help save Tom's marriage. Finally, she must accept she is powerless to turn things around.This is a generational story of dreams smashed, love betrayed, and the ultimate power of forgiveness..


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