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Flicker: Wildfire Romance, #6

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Two dreamers in California, two lovers on divergent paths. Kiley Ross's launch into 'real life' is more chaotic than she anticipated. Graduate school at UCLA, an internship, and a job don't leave much time for a social life. Add an intense relationship with Leo Marshall into the mix and she finds herself at a crossroads. When his band gets their first recording deal, the hint of fame threatens their already rocky relationship. As she juggles studying and work, he's being groomed for the spotlight. Love may not be enough to hold them together as their lives begin going in vastly different directions.

Everything is new—new city, new people, new responsibilities—and Kiley begins the challenging task of knowing what to keep from her past and what to surrender. Former friends are scattered across the world, her family doesn't understand her life choices, and the pressures of her goals compete with the love she has for Leo. Faced with his pending fame, she wonders if his life will consume hers and squash her ambition. He is a sexy distraction, but her goals are bigger than life, too, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

A holiday road trip back to Colorado together makes them face the issues that are pulling them apart…and reminds them of why they first fell in love. Can they grow together? Can the heat of young love become a flicker of a love affair bigger than either imagined? Or is letting each other go the only way for them both to achieve their individual dreams?

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