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Have you been wondering about the complexity of a humanbrain? Do you have questions that you need answers to or arethere things and habits that bother you and you wish youcould change them but nothing seems to work for you? If theanswer to these questions is yes then you are lucky to havelanded in the right place. This book is just made for you. It isgoing to answer all your questions along with solving any othermysteries that are there to be solved. Here, in this book, wehave mentioned:The meaning of psychologyAll the details regarding the subject and what it offersThe pioneers of psychology and how it all startedWhat are the major branches of psychologyWhat is the basic difference between a psychologist and apsychiatristWhat are the limitations of a psychologistWhat are the different themes that psychology followsThe psychosocial stages that a human being goes throughHow to handle the different psychosocial stagesWhat are the different applications of psychology in everydaylifeHow basic knowledge of psychology can make things easierand life better for youWe assure you that you are not going to regret buying thisbook at all. In fact, if you have been looking for somethingthat is not too complex for you to understand but is stillinformative enough then this is the right book for you. Thereis a chance that you may learn certain things that can changeyour life altogether and just the small decision of buying thisbook can be a life-changing decision for you. What's the harmin trying your luck, right? Well, just do it then. We hope thatyou enjoy reading it. Good luck to you!

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