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Blood Red: The Relissarium Wars Space Opera Series, Book 2: The Relissarium Wars Space Opera Series, #2

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Theo is a broken man. The only family he has left is the rebel group known as the Carbonari.The war against the powerful Yasta acolytes, blamed for destroying the planet Relisse, and Theo's family, is heating up. No longer a farmer, Theo must train for combat. Before he's even half ready to fight, his cell must infiltrate a Yasta monastery, to retrieve vital intelligence. But, can the Carbonari pull off the incursion? And, even with the sharpest blade in existence, can Theo survive the fierce onslaught of dozens of Yasta?Don't miss Blood Red, a new space opera adventure by sci-fi writer Andrew Broderick!If you like epic battles, action-packed adventures and edge-of-your-seat suspense you will love The Relissarium Wars Series! Get it now.

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