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Is Someone Watching?

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Amanda’s a spy at the top of her game, in more ways than one. As exciting as the thrill of catching a criminal might be for a newbie, it has long since been enough to satisfy Amanda. While she works to prove the guilt of her assigned targets, during each mission she also sets her sights on a sexy target of her choice. She then lets her seductress skills loose. As Amanda enters a new stage of her career, her work will take her into the alpine forest, a middle school, and a secret underworld she could have never imagined.

On her second solo endeavor, Amanda is sent out into the wilderness on a group backpacking trip. Someone has been snooping on hikers’ conversations and using the information to ruin their lives, and it’s Amanda’s job to figure out who’s up to no good and why. To her delight, Amanda hits it off with a fellow female hiker, and they bond quickly during their first day on the trail. When innocent cuddles turn too sexy for the group tent, Amanda and her lover sneak outside for some fun. Heading back to camp, however, business returns to the fore.

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