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Unfinished Business

23 pages11 minutes


Amanda’s a spy at the top of her game, in more ways than one. As exciting as the thrill of catching a criminal might be for a newbie, it has long since been enough to satisfy Amanda. While she works to prove the guilt of her assigned targets, during each mission she also sets her sights on a sexy target of her choice. She then lets her seductress skills loose. As Amanda enters a new stage of her career, her work will take her into the alpine forest, a middle school, and a secret underworld she could have never imagined.

Amanda returns to resolve a case in a dangerous alternate dimension. In this world, everyone lives with a government-issue chip implanted in their brain. Making already-creepy conditions worse, the chips have been hacked, and are now playing the same three propaganda-filled songs on loop in everyone’s heads. With four government officials as suspects for colluding on the hack, Amanda and her local teammates, including a familiar lover, pick up the mission where it left off, planning a surveillance strategy that involves a dangerous after-hours break-in. Amanda and her lover’s focus teeter precariously as they tempt each other in the midst of their high-stakes work. Will they let their attraction get in the way of getting to the bottom of the hack?

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