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The Beach (Part 2)

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Madeline Davies is a graphic design college student by day, and a ghost tour guide by night in historic St. Augustine, Florida. After an unexpected run-in with her rival ghost tour guide, Caleb, they find that with a simple touch, they are able to travel together to another dimension, what they call The Other Side. There they encounter strange sights, sounds, and sensations like they've never experienced before, including the ghost of a mysterious, yet familiar woman. Together, they work to uncover the fate and identity of the ghostly woman, and end up discovering each other along the way.

Madeline is trying to forget an unexplained, otherworldly encounter she had with fellow St. Augustine ghost tour guide and current crush Caleb. A jog on the beach should clear her head and help her forget about him, and the terrifying visions they saw that night… right?

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