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When We Walked Amongst The Shadows

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A harmless questionnaire at a college seminar
unexpectedly propels Austin O'Connor into the world of
black ops. Ready or not, life as he knew it, no longer
exists. Austin is thrust into a dangerous career with very
little training or knowledge on how to navigate this new
world. From to smuggling weapons amid the Afghan and
Soviet War to a daring rescue in the middle of the
Contras and Sandinistas conflict in Nicaragua,
Austin continues to exceed expectations. In a short
period of time, he manages to excel at all assignments
placed on him by his superiors, and he has earned the
name Dragon Slayer by his peers.
Unbeknownst to Austin, he is a third generation
operative, and now one of the C.I.A.'s top assets. His
new mission sends him around the globe, risking his life
to face deadly foes and his destiny.
His job of constantly being in jeopardy could be the end
of him, unless his inner demons kill him first. Austin is a
fast study and a man who leaves his conscience and his
identity at the door. The job comes first, the rest is
irrelevant to him.

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