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Her Alien Renegades: Otherworldly Mates: An Iceilus Reverse Harem Short Story

37 pages22 minutes


Leanna's having the worst day of her life…

Being auctioned off to creepy aliens? Check. Being naked at said auction? Check. Check.

Knowing she's screwed? Triple check.

But when an alien thief comes along, she decides to recruit him into saving her from her bad day. Only when he takes her to his ship, she discovers a little something about extraterrestrial pheromones and a desire for the alien thieves who rescued her.

Her bad day might just be shaping up to the most satisfying of her life.

HER ALIEN RENEGADE is a short reverse harem romance in the Iceilus' World. It's a fun story to read and relax with after a long day, but isn't meant to be taken too seriously. So if you're looking for something with a tough heroine, sexy aliens, and a steamy plot, look no further! (Her Alien Renegades was previously published in the anthology Love and Vice.)

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