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Lost Flyght: The Flyght Series, #4

Lost Flyght: The Flyght Series, #4

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Lost Flyght: The Flyght Series, #4

265 pages
4 hours
Jan 3, 2020


A frustrated captain. A starship on the fritz. Can she salvage her smuggling trade before jealous rivals knock her out of the galaxy?
Vivian Kawabata feels like her wings have been clipped. With her broken ship in the repair yard, and her crew begging her to take a break, she agrees to a private villa getaway with the chance to seduce her new hot medic. But her beach vacation becomes a stressful battleground when an ex's former consort swoops in with a destructive agenda.
With her family's farm at stake, the only way to outmaneuver the cutthroat may be by getting back to her roots… and extraordinary plants. But even if she digs up the dirt she needs, she still has to deal with in-laws, shady shopkeepers, and a shocking discovery aboard her ship.
Can Vivian get her vessel and her men aloft, or will her operation crash and burn?
Lost Flyght is the fourth book in the Flyght Series of sci-fi reverse harem romance. If you like seductive space operas, warp-speed world-building, and high-octane twists and turns, then you'll love S. J. Pajonas's star-struck tale.
Buy Lost Flyght to jump into an exhilarating hyperspace bedroom today!


Please note: THIS SERIES MUST BE READ IN ORDER. It is a true series and plot elements carry through every book, from beginning to end. You will miss too much by reading this series out of order or skipping around. The Flyght Series is complete at six books. This is also a slow-burn RH series that contains profanity and sexual situations.

Jan 3, 2020

About the author

Stephanie (S. J.) is a writer, knitter, Capricorn, Japanophile, and USA Today Best Selling author. She loves summer, downtempo beats, yoga pants, foxes, owls, dogs, sushi, pasta, and black tea. She lives outside NYC with her husband, two great kids, and her dog who always wants to play. When it comes to her work, she writes about everyday women and uncommon worlds. Find her online at https://www.spajonas.com

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Book Preview

Lost Flyght - S. J. Pajonas


My fingers dance over the tops of the bottles on the common room table as I take stock of our first shipment of hot sauce. The ‘Happiest of Hot Sauces’ is once again in production.

Six, twelve, eighteen… I mumble, ending up with sixty-two in total. Plus the two-hundred and sixty already in crates, and we’re finally over our three-hundred bottle quota.

Lia fills another bottle, Skylar attaches a label, and she hands it off to me.

Sixty-three. How many more do we have left in this batch?

Lia counts. Thirty-seven for an even one hundred.

I sit down with a heavy sigh. My legs and back are killing me. I haven’t slept well in ages, and I’ve been slaving over the hot sauce for the past four days straight. Lia and Skylar helped chop vegetables and harvest the happy flowers for our distillation, but I did the majority of the cooking since I have Dad’s recipe. I swear I ended up in giggle fits more times than I’ve ever had in my life just brewing up that stuff. It’s powerful.

Doing the math, at five credits wholesale price for each of the bottles, that’s 1800 credits for this shipment, minus 200 credits for ingredients, bottles, and labels. 1600 credits total. And every one of these bottles is spoken for, too. It’s guaranteed money. Thank you, Ken, and your obsession with hot sauce. So like my father.

Perfect. And good timing too because Ken will be here later today to take delivery of these.

I rub at my sore neck and try to stretch it out. The muscles are permanently locked in place from being bent over the stove… and from worry. I’m worried about our situation, about money, and about all those boys I left at Gai Reis’s place. My hands reflexively curl into fists, and my shoulders tense even more. I’ve been having nightmares about everything, including those poor boys. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in ages.

Gus walks through the common room, wiping his hands off on a dirty towel. He’s been helping Jinzo and Carlos clean up the server room after our disastrous fire.

I wince as I flex my neck in the opposite direction. How are things going with the re-wiring?

Good, good. He chucks the towel into a basket of dirty kitchen towels. Carlos says he’s almost there.

Carlos, my resident tech nerd extraordinaire, is keeping himself busy so he can avoid blaming himself for the loss of our AI. But really, there were quite a few systems that needed patching after the fire in the server room, especially if we’re going to be flying on manual. Jinzo’s sister will be here at any moment to fly us to Lee Shipyards.

Gus’s eyebrows draw together as he crosses the room to me. You look like you’re in pain.

I’ll be fine. My hand heads for my neck, desperate to relieve the tension there.

Gus beats me to the root of the problem. His fingertips dig into the base of my skull, and I almost pass out from the mixture of pain and relief.

Oh! Me next! I slit open my eyes to see Skylar jumping up and down like a five-year-old.

Gus chuckles and waves her forward. She skirts into his left hand to get a neck massage. Lia laughs as she loads our last bottles into the crates.

The pain in my neck, previously bright and electric, is dulling to a more manageable level. I let out a long cleansing breath as Gus works his fingers into every sore muscle and tendon. Skylar echoes me.

I leave you for two minutes, and you’ve got your hands all over the ladies, Jinzo says, sauntering into the lounge and throwing a smirk towards Gus. It’s impressive, actually.

Gus disengages, and I whimper from the loss.

Pain killers all around, Gus declares. I think we all need them.

Frogger sits at Gus’s feet, and he laughs. Come on, boy. He pats his leg, and Frogger follows him to the couch for belly rubs.

Carlos is done. Jinzo’s shirtless again, and I swear that his body has become even more chiseled and strong since he came to the Amagi. I try not to look, but he’s too luscious not to let my eyes drink him in. And my sister will be here — The ship chimes, and we narrow our eyes at the ceiling.

That’s a new one, Skylar says, bewildered. I didn’t know the ship made that noise.

Carlos comes bounding into the room. Sensors are back up and running! I’m sending passive data to the few remaining servers, and we’ll have to parse it all later or during our transit.

He throws himself onto the couch next to Gus, and the Amagi chimes again.

Anyone gonna get the door? he asks, throwing his head back onto the couch.

That’s the door? Skylar asks. I miss Ai, believe it or not.

Me, too. I miss her constant sexual innuendo and bright, cheery voice.

I’ll get it. Lia bounds up from her seat and heads for the airlock.

When does Ken get back? Jinzo approaches me, and my smile returns. I may be in pain, but he takes a lot of the stress away. You look so exhausted. His hands cup my cheeks to assess my health. You had nightmares again last night.

I lean into his lips and let them contact my cheek and lips before resting my head on his shoulder. His skin is slick, but he smells amazing, like hard work and ozone. When I pull myself together and look up, I catch Gus watching us for a moment before he looks away.


We all turn around to the stranger standing in the doorway next to a bemused Lia.

This must be Asteria Lee, and I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this tiny woman.

Her face lights up as she spots Jinzo and me together.

"Hot damn. You did fall in love."

I drop my head as Lia giggles and Carlos groans. Skylar is on her feet in no time.

Asteria! Jinzo swoops in, picks her up, and swings her around, an easy thing to do for someone the size of a ten-year-old. You made it.

When he sets her down, she lightly punches him on the shoulder. Of course! Caught the first boat out of the shipyards when you called.

Jinzo said his family is tight, and I’m glad to see their smiles and easy-going interaction. I remember that moment when I saw Jinzo for the first time and lamented the fact that he’s shorter than me. Well, no wonder. Hera Lee, their mother, must be a diminutive woman as well. Asteria is tiny, but she has a cosmopolitan style. She’s embraced the notion that black is the only color you’ll ever need. Black ballet flats, black pants, black shirt under a black leather jacket, and black eyeliner and hair top off the outfit. Her short hair softly sweeps around her head, and she pushes it back from her face as Jinzo leads her to me.

Asteria, this is Vivian. Jinzo beams with pride, and I think it’s for both of us. He’s proud of his sister and proud of me.

Hi! She pops a little wave of her hand before reaching over to shake mine. I’ve heard oodles and oodles about you. Jin just cannot say enough nice things. She elbows him. Quite the change of pace.

She means Cressida, of course.

I try to skate on by that.

You two share the same father, right?

Their nods are identical. It’s adorable.

I’m older, by five years, give or take, Asteria says, poking herself in the chest with her thumb.

Age is malleable in space.

And we have six other brothers and sisters. Asteria winks at Jinzo. Mom was knocked up for like fifteen years straight.

Four consorts, two children apiece. Jinzo’s smile is crooked with chagrin. Mom has always been a fair and honest woman. We’re the second oldest, from her second husband.

The Lee family tree is a little hard to wrap my brain around. Other families in the Duo Systems are just as big, or bigger, but this is a family I have to know by heart. Jinzo is my first, and I’ll be calling on him and his family for, hopefully, decades to come.

I can’t wait to meet everyone. Though I’m quaking in my boots to think of meeting someone as strong and powerful as Hera Lee.

I need a distraction, so I step to the side and let Skylar come forward.

This is my cousin, Skylar. The Amagi is her ship, and she’s the pilot.

Skylar stares, her eyes sparkling and her mouth open to a soft O. I tap her in the shin with my foot.

Skylar is studying to get her Class Three pilot’s license.

Asteria softens. Fantastic! I love meeting other pilots. Do you have a flight mentor?

Skylar’s lips struggle to work. I had one when I was in school. He’s retired now, though.

We should talk. There are only four female Class Five pilots, did you know? Skylar nods. So we need more of us. Plenty of female captains. Asteria nods to me. Not enough pilots.

I couldn’t agree more.

So! She claps her hands together. Skylar, you show me to the bridge and Jin will give me a rundown of what’s happened to your ship. Are we set to go? I left Jonathan with the kids.

Almost ready. Ken will be back onboard soon. Maybe another thirty minutes? I check my messages and see that he’s on his way. Yeah, he’ll be here soon.

Now, now. Asteria’s voice lightens. "Ken Mata is someone I definitely want to meet."

Pretty much every pilot does.

I’ve already met him, Skylar says, glancing at her fingernails. He’s okay. The sarcasm drips off her voice. I’m just joking. Her smile returns. Honestly, I didn’t understand what you saw in him when you were dating, but he’s come a long way, and he’s saving our butts. You can keep him, Viv.

Thanks. I roll my eyes and throw her an air kiss.

Skylar shows Asteria off to the bridge, and I watch them go with fascination. They’re locked in conversation already about engines and fuel and whatever pilots talk about.

I let out a long-held breath and sit down right as Marcelo joins us.

Were you worried? Jinzo asks, sitting next to me on the table bench.

A little, I think. Jinzo waits while I wet my lips and pull myself back together. I wondered if your family would hate me because I’m not Cressida.

Jinzo’s face falls.

Like, maybe they loved her, and I would disappoint them. Especially with all the bad press and the rumors and —

Jinzo’s hand settles over mine. It’ll be a change, I’m sure. Asteria didn’t love Cressida, but my other sister did. My mother, though, never trusted her.

Gee, I wonder why? I crack, trying to make it seem like I’m not worried.

But, deep down inside, I’m so worried. Now that I’ve given my heart to Jinzo, what would happen if his family didn’t approve of me?

I’m certain I’ll lose him if I don’t get along with his sister and mom. They mean a lot to him. I have to be very careful not to fuck it up.

Marcelo approaches with the tea sampler we keep in the galley. Why don’t we have tea together and talk, Ms. Vivian? I have the time right now.

My eyes catch sight of the packed away hot sauce bottles, and I think of the work I have left to do here. My grow room needs lots of attention now that Ken replaced all my fish. Plus, there’s more hot sauce to make. And now, we’re finally getting ready to leave Concord City spaceport. We’ve been here far too long already. We should be out and about, looking for new Flyght clients, making more connections, and getting on with the quest to get my family farm back.

But I can always make time for tea with Marcelo. Always.

Yes, sure. Tea sounds like a good idea.

I need the caffeine.

I rest my head on my hand as I watch Marcelo return to the kitchen and Jinzo furrows his brows at me. He can see right through my relaxed act. He knows I’m a mess inside.

But I have to believe that this will be okay. If Jinzo believes in me, then I should believe in me too. It would be nice if something worked out for once… right?


So, Marcelo says, leaning back in his chair and cradling the hot cup of tea in his hands, let’s talk about the Lees.

I reflexively glance over my shoulder even though I know Jinzo and Asteria are both doing their jobs and Marcelo shut the airlock door.

Marcelo’s smile is all-knowing.

When I first inquired with Jinzo about bringing him into your network, I also had a long chat with Hera Lee.

You did? I lean forward, eager to hear any bit of information or gossip he may have. My teacup sits on his table, untouched. I don’t trust my hands today. They’re tired from handling hot sauce, and little tremors jostle my fingers when I’m not paying attention.

I did. She expressed her desire for Jinzo to move on from Cressida. Cressida and Ms. Lee had never gotten along, and Ms. Lee was pleased when Jinzo decided not to renew their contract. She believed they were through since they hadn’t been together for several months.

I nod, remembering what Jinzo had told me when I first found out about Cressida. Their contract had expired, and they hadn’t spoken for months. He had moved his belongings from her home on Avenal. He believed they were done.

Cressida had other ideas.

Ms. Lee was hoping he’d meet someone more down to earth, less obsessed with wealth and fame…

Marcelo’s words taper off as I lean forward and bang my head on the table. My mug of tea clatters with each thump.

Ms. Vivian, you’re going to spill your tea.

Less obsessed with wealth and fame?

Marcelo moves my tea to the end of the table. You are not obsessed with wealth or fame. What makes you think others would believe that?

I blink my eyes a few times. Are you blind?

He tilts his head to the side, and I transform into a five-year-old.

I’m obsessed with money. I need it more than anything. I throw my hand out to the side, indicating all I’ve fought for. I count every credit. Every day. I think about how to get more of them constantly. I rub my face, sigh, and put my head down on the table. "I miss my farm. I miss my home. I miss my normal life. I lift my head. I don’t belong here."

Marcelo relaxes and sips his tea.

I see what’s going on here.

Emotion tickles the back of my throat, but I swallow it away. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve failed Skylar. I’ve failed Carlos. I’ve failed this ship, especially Ai. I’ve been trying to hold it together, but it’s a facade. One step forward, two steps back. I’m not making any real progress.

I’ve denied it even to myself, but I’ve been depressed since my graduation party a week ago. Hot sex and good food can only go so far when I doubt myself every moment of every day.

Marcelo gets up from his chair, crosses the room to his kitchen pantry, and retrieves the box of chocolates. I let out a defeated huff of a laugh.

Thanks, I say, taking a square and letting it dissolve across my tongue. Why does chocolate make everything better?

You’re welcome. He pauses for a moment to consider me. Let me give you a new perspective on things. He picks up his teacup again, and so do I. The tea goes well with the chocolate. You started out with a five million credit debt. What are you at now?

I need 2,592,000 credits. I’ll get 1,600 credits for the hot sauce, so now my debt shrinks to about 2,590,000 credits, more or less. Well, actually less, when I consider all the expenses for the Amagi.

So you’re almost halfway there, then. And you still have a few months to go before the auction.

I raise my finger. "If I get the farm back, if, it will be in the worst shape it’s ever been in. The fields are lying fallow and untouched. Our warehouses are depleted. My best buyers and distributors are looking elsewhere for work. I grab another piece of chocolate. I need the money now, not later. If I had it now, I would go straight to the bank and plead to buy it back before the auction, before the bank ruins my home and inheritance."

I see your points. How much money are you getting from Ken and Jinzo?

I take a deep breath and try to find the right words. I’m… I’m not sure.

Marcelo raises his eyebrows.

There’s been talk, obviously, from both of them, of supporting my bid to buy the farm. But real numbers? Transfers? Neither of those things have happened. The numbers in the bank aren’t climbing. They’re falling every day. I’m paying for food, fuel, repairs, salaries… I tick each off on my fingers. Promises are lovely but to me? The only numbers that matter are the ones I see in the bank.

Marcelo, always quiet and careful with his words, thinks for a few moments.

I’m going to give you some advice you’re not going to like.

Go ahead. That’s nothing new.

He smiles. You need to sit down with both Ken and Jinzo and ask them for the money. Give them each credit goals to shoot for. Otherwise, they won’t know what’s expected of them.

I let my head fall forward onto the table again. I hate talking about money.

Everyone hates talking about money. All the way back to the cave people on Earth. And it’s hard to put this kind of pressure on new additions to a network, but they should expect it. You won’t be acting any differently than any other network head. He shrugs. They’re either in, or they’re out.

This makes me cringe. I’m already attached to both Jinzo and Ken in profound ways. What if I put this kind of pressure on them and they balk?

I know what you’re thinking, Marcelo says, and I curse my lack of a poker face. These men care for you, and for a good reason. You have shown them a great deal of love and generosity of spirit. Your families have reconciled and welcomed them. You’ve shown them that their opinions, wants, and needs matter. They couldn’t ask for a better mate in you.

I keep my head down. I don’t want to hear these things about me. I’d rather go on believing that I’m failing.

Marcelo taps on my arm, so I sit up.

Ask them for the money. Flyght credits from your share of the business should come soon. Jinzo has his own assets to contribute. The money is there. It’s coming. It’s time to ask for it.

I nod, though I have no idea how I’ll grow the courage I need to ask for this. I swallow a few gulps of tea and think. It’s possible I could get a million credits between Jinzo and Ken. And then maybe I’ll be making progress.

So, back to our original topic. Hera Lee will know from the first moment she meets you that you are nothing like Cressida. Cressida wants money and fame, but only because she thinks those two things will get her anything she ever wants. Marcelo chuckles. This is why she’s throwing such an immense fit over her loss of Jinzo. Fame and money will not bring him back.

"No, they won’t.

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