Dolmire Academy of Spells

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Dolmire Academy of Spells

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Length: 90 pages1 hour


A prophecy marks her for death. He'll protect her no matter the cost.

River is being blamed for a future of death and destruction, but she's never done a thing to harm another witch or any being. Hunters of Supernatural, werewolves and vampires are threatening her life at each turn. Daimen, a teacher from her school has been helping out but her feelings for him are growing deeper every hour. If River falls, the person framing her might bring the destruction she's been framed for.

Daimen's been keeping his head low at the Dolmire Academy of Spells. As the son of a traitor, he's trying to regain his reputation. Yet when River's called out at the Winter Solstice, he'll do everything to protect her from her enemies. He wants to give into the love blooming in his chest, but he must keep her safe before he can confess his feelings. His father's choices might color Daimen's image to others, but he'll fight to prove he's not comparable to his dad.

If you like witches with lots of romance, you will like this book. One Click your copy today!

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