The Passionate Wish: Rekindling the Fire, #2

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The Passionate Wish: Rekindling the Fire, #2

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Length: 234 pages3 hours


There's no such thing as magic, yet…my husband's most secret desires are all coming true.

When the stranger said he gave Dante three wishes, I didn't believe it.

But after a decade of marriage, two kids, and a lot of stress, our monotonous routine lives have suddenly been turned upside down.

And now, I'm waiting desperately for his last wish and praying it's for the same thing I've been dreaming of—the return of the insatiable passion we once had for each other.

My head spins and my body heats just imagining the possibilities.

Will I be ready for his wish to come true? Or will the unfulfilled desire pull us even further apart?

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