The Descendants

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The Descendants

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The world isn’t filled with only shifters, vampires, and guardians. There are many more magical beings on Earth, and they live amongst us as humans that are in touch with a side of them that makes them powerful.

Surreal’s parents give him the life that every kid dreams of. He grows up with friends that look at him as if he is a brother. He doesn’t like the title because of the big secret that he has kept from them, a secret that brings out too many questions that can’t be answered without putting them in danger. He gets away with it for years, until a pool party ends in a blood bath with most of his peers as the victims. With the secret out, he has to travel with a group of friends to get to the Olympian Stadium to connect with the primary source of his power to defend himself from the sons of Hades. Surreal is looking forward to the tough journey ahead. What he doesn’t count on is the new company of a human woman… so he thinks.

Nova has been on her own since she was thirteen. She notices how different she is and decides to travel the road alone. Nova never knows where she is going until she gets to her destination. It is a pull that she can’t escape that draws her to a stranger that was walking across the street. When they touch accidentally, she feels something different, something that she has never felt before. The stranger promises her the comfort that she doesn’t know to exist. Being on the opposite end of people’s anger makes it hard to trust him. That all changes when she learns of the common trait they hold as a secret.

Once upon a time, the world was ruled by the gods of lightning and of the seas. It would be their descendant that will protect them from the one dangerous enemy they couldn’t seem to kill.

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