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Give It Your All

Give It Your All

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Give It Your All

95 pages
41 minutes
Dec 10, 2019


"Give It Your All", is a 90-days Fat to Fit Transformation Guide, for people who are looking to target that extra bit of body fat. The book has an excellent combination of supreme quality meal plan, workout pattern, and supplement section to help you escalate in the process and achieve your goals. The book is best for the beginners, but can also be used by the intermediate and advanced gym-goers. Instead of beating around the bush, the concepts dealt are very straightforward and accurate, this makes the book a perfect option for becoming a fat loss guide, with non-lengthy context but adequate information.

Dec 10, 2019

About the author

Tatvabodh Arya is a 20-year old fitness author, blogger, enthusiast, and entrepreneur from the city of Bhagalpur in India. He is an active fitness blogger and an online fitness trainer. He is using his opportunity to make people believe in their dreams of making their transformations come true. He works with several fitness communities and forums online as well as offline where he openly shares his ideas and makes people aware of new advancements. He has managed to build great connectivity with fitness enthusiasts across the globe which has helped him to create a global fitness network. He is also working with several projects related to nutrition and training. His ultimate aim is to create a global fitness forum, where people from all walks of life can connect and discuss health and fitness.

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Give It Your All - Tatvabodh Arya


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Give It Your All

Tatvabodh Arya


This book ‘Give It Your All’ is a perfect fat loss guide for beginners who are looking for an option to start their fat-to-fit transformation. The book has been designed keeping in mind the questions, problems and, limitations of people from all walks of life. Staying fit and healthy not only helps you to prevent inferior complexities but also is a personality booster in itself. Since long we have been scrutinizing for ways that would essentially help us to get rid of that extra bit of fat from the body, at the same time being soothing to the body, mind, and pocket of course.

IN THIS BOOK, I HAVE outlined the basics of getting shredded, with adequate information about the same in both the old school and the scientific geek style. Practically speaking the process is not that tough, as much it is hyped about. My main motive through this book is to let every individual understand the stone and pebble behind that sharp-chiseled physique.

Giving a surface to the idea behind this book, I give all the credits to the evolution in science and technology, which has brought people in a state of enthusiasm and zest to know about the things. This book is a followed up idea of my interactions and experiences in day to day life, which ultimately paved the way for its manifestation. In no single concept or idea is this book related to others, not only by the fact that it has a different name and an author but because the idea and their implications are unique, tested and verified.

As per my expectations, this book will be your all-time stop for cutting that extra bit of stubborn fat and getting that rock-hard abs.

HOPE YOU WILL HAVE a great read ahead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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