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Your Words, Your Life Story: A Guide for Sharing Memories
Your Words, Your Life Story: A Guide for Sharing Memories
Your Words, Your Life Story: A Guide for Sharing Memories
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Your Words, Your Life Story: A Guide for Sharing Memories

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About this ebook

You can be the author of your life story. You don't believe you are a storyteller?

I bet you've told stories today talking to your friend over the phone and telling her all about the card game last night. Did you call your daughter this morning to tell her about the latest outlandish project Aunt Bertha is planning? Those are stories!


Only you can tell the truth about the joys and sorrows, successes and failures, loved ones and villains, and your secret dreams.

How do you begin? Award-winning author J.Q. Rose will help you follow the path to sharing your story. Your Words, Your Life Story: A Guide for Sharing Memories is based on years of presenting workshops in life story writing. The chapters will help spark memories for you to share with friends and family. No silly questions to answer, but helpful ways to spark memories of those rich life experiences that must be saved now.


You aren't a writer? J.Q. will help you learn how to record your story by using video or audio programs. Preserving the experiences of the past for future generations is important. Your beloved stories will be a treasured guide to help your family through their lives.


Start now to put together the precious stories that make up your life story, a treasured family keepsake.


PublisherJ.Q. Rose
Release dateDec 10, 2019
Your Words, Your Life Story: A Guide for Sharing Memories
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J.Q. Rose

Whether the story is fiction or non-fiction, J.Q. Rose is “focused on the story.”  She offers readers chills, giggles and quirky characters woven within the pages of her mystery books. Using her storytelling skills, she provides entertainment and information in articles featured in magazines, newspapers, and online magazines. J.Q. taught elementary school for several years and never lost the love for teaching passed down from her teacher grandmother and mother. She satisfies that aspect of her character by presenting workshops on Creative Writing and Writing Your Life Story.  When J.Q. is not reading or writing, she enjoys photography, playing Pegs and Jokers board games, and traveling with her husband. They spend winters in Florida and summers up north camping and hunting toads, frogs, and salamanders with her four grandsons and granddaughter.

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Rating: 0 out of 5 stars
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    Book preview

    Your Words, Your Life Story - J.Q. Rose


    Hello! I am delighted you have chosen this book to help you spark your memories and share them. The precious gift of your stories will be a treasured heirloom for your family.

    Your entire life story is made up of a collection of small stories filled with your life experiences. This book will help you recall those memories and write them down. But if you’re not a writer, that’s no problem because you can tell your story on video or audio. Check out Chapter 2  Not a Writer? Not a Problem listing resources and links to video and audio programs.

    Whether you decide to write those memories in a notebook, a computer file or to record them on video or audio, it makes no difference. The important thing is that you preserve these stories as the truth for generations yet unborn.

    Future readers will wonder as they peruse the stories how you ever lived without a TV, computer, or microwave (or what else they may use in the future?).  But the story of your life, the struggles, the joys, the accomplishments, will be what they understand.  Your account will be a guide to help them through their lives.

    Feel free to skip about the chapters in the book and take your turn to work on the exercises that are helpful to you. Do it at your own pace. The important words here are DO IT.

    The most difficult part about telling your story is sitting down and working on it. Here are a few tips.

    Decide to save 15 minutes or more every day to devote to telling your story.

    Pencil in that time on your calendar or planner to use for sparking memories, jotting down ideas, and writing or recording a video. Your work is valuable and worth the investment of time.

    Keep that appointment much like you keep a doctor’s appointment. (I’d say dentist appointment, but I know lots of people skip them!)

    Memoir vs Life Story

    Throughout this book, I will use the terms memoir and life story interchangeably. They are similar except that a life story or autobiography covers your entire life. A memoir is a slice of your life. Think of your life as an entire cherry pie. Then cut a piece from your pie and

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