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More Psychic Family Adventures UK and Down Under: Reincarnation Proven, Past Lives Revealed

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Author Stuart feels here that this book is truly now his final one of the series after having offered a lifetime of fascinating psychic evidence, for readers, not forgetting students and psycho-spiritual faculties.

There was a certain pathos in his taking his family to ‘sunnier’ New Zealand, then Australia, his beloved first wife, vulnerable in English winters to rheumatic heart fevers, though helped by Stuart’s healing energies. He had many tough working experiences, to afford lovingly re-settling his family of four, all the while extending his psycho-spiritual interests of a lifetime and related academic pursuits (all recorded in his book series).

Years later, after returning to the UK for their ever-improving heart surgery, luck ran out for the sad family. Again but many years later, the author met up with another ‘beloved’. They both experienced from past lives recall sessions, they’d provenly shared lives in the past, and lots of other reincarnational such cases and teachings are recorded between the covers of this book.

Much knowledge of the whole psycho-spiritual spectrum flows on.

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