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Lucas Has an Earache (Otitis)

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Illustrator: Mylène Villeneuve, 1000 words 28 pages
Lucas, Felix’s cousin, cannot swim because he has an ear infection. Fortunately, Felix and his magical instruments have a good solution to fight the bacteria responsible for this infection. This Felix & Booboo story reveals the secrets of otitis. A quiz at the end of the book challenges readers' reading skills.
Felix and Booboo journey is a series of 8 picture books written by a family doctor Dr. Nicole Audet. All books are available in English or French. Dr. Nicole wrote these educational books to explain most commun diseases to children and their parents.
Felix, the main character, owns a magical doctor suitcase, Booboo is the stethoscope. He is the commander of the eight other medical tools. Titles cover common diseases such as lice, broken arm, chickenpox, gastroenteritis, allergies, otitis, vaccination, and the human body.
Each book contains a 23-pages story and a quiz to challenge children's reading skills and develop their critical thinking.
Dr. Nicole has written more than 30 books, won many literary awards, and sold more than 150 000 copies in her career.

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