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For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids

For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids

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For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids

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Dec 18, 2019


Want to raise well-behaved and emotionally responsible children? If so, For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids may be the most important book you read this year...

Let’s face it...the world today is full of distractions and negative images that can hinder us from doing a good job raising our children... BUT THEN WHAT? Should we say teaching good manners are antiquated, forsake the old tradition and put off essential behaviours which should be part of our children’s repertoire of manners?

My answer to the questions is unequivocal, "NO!"

Once you agree with me that there’s a need to impart the knowledge and workings of good values and manners to our children and start reading the book, For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids, you will discover...

*How to inspire the qualities of a significant self to give children a head start in life
*How to set clear boundaries and still be very loving
*How to create a robust behavioural system
*How to build trust with children and create substantial long-term relationships
*How to correct children through purposeful discipline
*How to leverage the overlooked traditional manners to raise well-rounded children
*How to boost children's self-esteem
*How to be a wholesome role model as a parent
*How to communicate constructive instructions

and find that it’s a book worth adding to your child-rearing reference collection. Get a copy today and start making a bigger impact on your children’s character development to enjoy happier parenting and productive life by raising well-behaved and emotionally responsible children.

Dec 18, 2019

About the author

Damilola Ogunremi is a Business Coach, a Professional Speaker, a Phonetician and an Etiquette Consultant who has taught business etiquette to different people in unique industries. She is an expert on all things etiquette and has great insight into how business etiquette intelligence can impact client and employee relations.She has an additional background in business management, image consulting, phonetics and phonology, singing, screenwriting/novel writing, directing, cinematography and photography.She’s the Founder and President, DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting, a consulting firm dedicated to improving and updating employees’ business etiquette acumen, El capabilities, and image skills resulting in improved productivity, better brand experience for customers improved prospective customers engagement levels, and increased profit.Damilola believes that every child rich or poor, privileged or disadvantaged, deserve the chance to have greater success in life. She is the author of, For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids. A book that caters to happier parenting, and helps parents to raise well-behaved and emotionally responsible children.

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Book Preview

For Mums - Damilola Ogunremi

To every mother who desires successful parenting,

And most of all,

to my dad and his mother, who gave me ethical values in life.


This book would not have been written by now without the encouragement of numerous friends, especially my dear friend Vera Ozomma Jonn. Special thanks to Dr Nubi Achebo for his feedback to get this work in good shape. I love you all dearly for your genuine goodwill, and I am forever grateful.

Beyond that, I thank God for the privilege of being able to share my knowledge with mothers about the incredible ways to be a gracious and influential mother. He is my source, and I thank Him for bringing the ideas for this book to fruition. I dedicate this book to new mothers as well as older mothers who need to brush up their parenting skills or repair the lives of their children. My wish is that it will enhance the parenting skills of all the mothers who read it for more successful parenting.





1. Children will Imitate You

2. Leave Good Relationship Behind, and Go for Best

3. Corrected Children, Extraordinary Children

4. Escape the Hostility Trap

5. The Influence of Your Instruction

6. Stretch Your Qualities

7. Identifying Their Behaviors

8. Run with Their Own Time

9. Go Ahead-Condition Your Approach!

10. Please and thank you

11. Appreciate Them & Release the Power of Doing More

12. Practice Impeccable Expectations

13. The Saving Tradition

14. The Principle of Caring Deprivation

15. The Affection You’re Supposed to be Showing

16. The Culture of Kneeling, Prostrating Greeting

17. Show Self Strong and Be Compassionate

18. Help Your Children Care For Themselves in Trouble

19. On Your Right or to the Left

20. Prioritizing Their Time

21. If Greatness Is To Be, It Is Up To Almighty God!

22. Modest Dressing

23. Bad Manners at Home, Bad Manners Outdoors!

24. How You Treat the Teachers of Your Children Matters

25. How Your Children Should Respond to Rudeness in Adults

26. Having Unsagging Parental Power


A Final Comment

In Closing


Take a minute to think about what would have to be in place for your children to have extraordinary success in life instead of average achievement? What must you do to feel truly fulfilled and contented at the same time as a mother? What would satisfy you more about your parenting skills? These are questions that will start you on your journey and pathway to be a better prepared, proficient, persistent, equipped, and polished leading influential mother who will raise the best well-brought-up children in today’s world.

While some mothers marry someone special and start parenting with plans and grand entry into motherhood, others embark on the journey by mistake. Whichever way you begin parenting, you must make sure nothing supersedes your goal to strive to make your parenting a positively rewarding one.

This book is about achieving the goal of raising properly behaved children without limit, an endeavour that requires a teaching mother-children relationship. For this reason, there is no influential mother who does not take her children through the precise method of intentional teaching or application of principles of caring deprivation. The goal of the golden guidelines for raising excellent kids is to produce children who will live daily with ethical values, and good manners, and experiencing robust growth through the structural work of realistic upbringing.

The term ‘gracious, influential, and mother with significant characteristics’ is used in this book to describe the modern mother who would not allow imbibing of classic good manners to disappear in raising her children. She takes on the responsibility to teach her children how to behave politely at home and in society. She shapes and then reshapes her children until she gets good results. She is simply a well-mannered learning mother who reproduces her better self triumphantly in her children for the teaching of value to ultimately bring them success in life. Mothers who fit this description enjoy the reward of such children who will never bring them shame, blame, or embarrassment to the family name; they get pleasure from healthy children committed to a cosmopolitan lifestyle in all they do.

How amazing! If I were you, I would strive very hard to partake of these rewards. To qualify as a ‘gracious influential mother with significant characteristics,’ I recommend that you take to heart the advice in this book. This book will help you understand the key elements that assist mothers with excellent characteristics to succeed and how you can apply those principles in your parenting. Your parenting is what you make of it. Start right now to make it a winning one!


Children will Imitate You

Scenario 1: Laura, according to her story, was thirty-three years old, a mother of a two-year-old toddler who smoked and drank alcohol at home and did it in the presence of her little girl. At one point, in her life, this bad habit hounded her. One evening, she scheduled her in-laws to have dinner over at her home and have a happy family time together. However, her little girl brought out her ashtray and started smoking the cigarette butt.

According to her mother-in-law, who was a model of decency, Laura possessed no exceptional character standard to create exemplary behaviour in her child.

Scenario 2: One March day, on a school morning, just like every other morning, a primary four teacher had a sudden realization: three of her pupils, a girl, and two boys, were not in the classroom. As she started to look for them, she heard their voices in the toilet. What are you all three doing in the restroom at the same time? She asked them. Well, the boys said the young lady compelled them to kiss her and made them promise to be her boyfriend.

This teacher was bewildered. She took the girl to a quiet staffroom. What demon possessed you, child? Where did you learn this sort of behaviour at your age? She asked the girl. This primary four pupil told her teacher that whenever her Dad travelled, her mother brought different men over to the house, and they did all sorts of things, and she just wanted to experience what it feels like to be with different boys like her mother.

Scenario 3: A young lady grew up in a house where the mother lived a promiscuous life. When she grew up, she started sleeping with her step-father. When her mother confronted her, she told her she has no moral right to reprimand her, since she is not a gracious person herself.


Think about the time you were growing up. Now recall the times your parents behaved in an improper way that contradicted the positive influence they try to imbibe in you and make notes below.




The above real-life stories illustrate the need for mothers who wants to maintain immeasurable essence in their parenting to set good examples through their character to help their children develop into adults with remarkable disposition. The mothers in the scenarios mentioned above had their lapses

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What people think about For Mums

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Reader reviews

  • (5/5)
    Sometimes, a gem of a book crosses one’s desk and begs for reading.
    When the book “For Mums – Golden guidelines for raising excellent kids” (Damilola Ogunremi) landed on my desk I was very sceptical.
    Why? – Well, I was the father of 3 children and grandfather of 5 grandchildren. I was actively involved with helping to raise 2 of my grandchildren at certain stages in their life. And furthermore, I was proud of my children and thought that I have done a good job in raising them.
    Yet, when I got stuck into the book, I realised how much I did not know. Here was a book that without being long winded and being straight to the point, was giving so many valuable lessons and guidelines on how to raise our children.
    How I wished then that I had this book when my children were young. Raising them would have been so much easier by following the lessons and guidelines.
    Damilola covers such a vast array of important topics that are essential in today’s modern times, to assist the parent to raise a child that would make them proud, without discarding the age-old principles of respect, discipline, manners etc.
    As a “has been parent”, I highly recommend that young parents, and those that wish to have children buy this book. I know that they will find inspiration, guidelines and wisdom.
    Congratulations Damilola and thank you for a wonderful book.