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The Wonder of You: What the Near-Death Experience Tells You about Yourself
The Wonder of You: What the Near-Death Experience Tells You about Yourself
The Wonder of You: What the Near-Death Experience Tells You about Yourself
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The Wonder of You: What the Near-Death Experience Tells You about Yourself

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About this ebook

What is life? Why are we here? What are we supposed to do in this physical existence? The Wonder of You, takes the reader on an in-depth exploration of the NDE (Near Death Experience) and the amazing life lessons being brought back. Through examining thousands of accounts, Lynn K. Russell offers a step-by-step explanation of the astonishing messages and beyond to the incredible wonder you are. This book is filled with research that stretches from man’s beginnings and onwards to the future through the exciting discoveries of physics.
Release dateJan 31, 2020
The Wonder of You: What the Near-Death Experience Tells You about Yourself
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Lynn K. Russell

Lynn K. Russell is a world expert on near-death experiences. She has researched 2500 cases for Dr. Jeffery Long at NDERF [Near-Death Experience Research Foundation. She spent many years as a family counsellor. Aside from spirituality she has a keen interest in quantum theory, cosmology, the brain and consciousness. Lynn lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

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Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

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    The Wonder of You - Lynn K. Russell



    Since the writing of the first edition of The Wonder of You, even more profound understanding has come my way. Today, I have a mission. Wealth or fame are not my goal, it’s the message within these pages I want spread far and wide. It is my dream to tell every living soul in this astonishingly beautiful world just how magnificently beautiful you are. Whether you are aware of it or not, it’s true. My dream is that you all will know this by the time you come to the end of this book.


    What is life? Why are we here? What are we supposed to do in this physical existence? If you haven’t asked these questions yourself, you probably know of others who have. Curiosity about life has peppered our history back to the cave dwellers. We lust for answers to these deep questions and pull apart everything in our path until the stuffing covers the floor. Scientific searches have led to a clearer understanding of the workings of our world and the universe. Yet, new puzzles shove that knowing aside as we rush off in other directions in our insatiable cravings for answers.

    Through science we’ve gained a better understanding of the physical world, while the spiritual has been sorely lacking. It makes sense when you consider our history. We are living with the consequences of centuries of power and control over our minds. Anything that didn’t fit with the powers that held control were severely punished and we were pushed to believe myths and heresy passed down from generation to generation. When science finally found a voice, it was discovered that so much of that forced diet was built on deceits. As a result, science turned its back on the church and anything that ever held the odor of spiritual things.

    Throughout history wise men and women have offered profound insights that were embraced. Some became religious leaders while others were forgotten. Today, much of that wisdom has been pasteurized to the point of being unrecognizable. Others’ voices faded only to be found in the pages of obscurity.

    In our surge to find answers faiths popped up like Kleenex and taught us how to live in order to have a good death. Stretching back thousands of years this material was regurgitated reflections of what our ancestors passed on. Finally, the mysteries surrounding the continuation of life are beginning to come clear. People who’ve had death experiences offer ways out of the maze of misinformation and confusion.

    An enormous and heartfelt thank you to the people who shared their death experiences with us. As though an invisible world has suddenly become observable, we’ve been given new ways of seeing beyond death. Millions of people around the world have died and returned to tell about it. These are just the ones we know about, millions more don’t talk about what happened for them. They may be afraid of ridicule, told they were hallucinating, or it may be dangerous to talk about. The number of confirmed death reports are destined to increase as new methods of medicine and resuscitation are found. Information coming back from these individuals is literally changing the world. Step by step they are offering a new reality in which you and I have been invited to take an active role.

    Lisa had a death experienced and later commented, The large numbers of NDErs everywhere are impacting the consciousness of the world. We are gaining new perspectives of universal understanding, unity, compassion, and love. Reports of death experiences put us face to face with our personal demise, and accordingly, with life. She added that life and death are intertwined. As long as we’re afraid of death, we will be afraid of really living.

    Huge swings in spiritual awareness weave through society as knowledge gained from death experiences shows other ways of seeing. The Internet has also brought the world together as nothing has ever done before. We connect with and appreciate people from places with strange names or were believed to be our adversaries. If the politicians and mega-corporations of today leave a livable world behind, the young are ready to step in and build a more aware and cooperative world.

    Those who have died and returned dislike the word ‘near’ in near-death experiences. It disqualifies what they went through and adds to the confusion of how ‘real’ the events were. Too often I hear someone say, But they weren’t really dead, because they came back. Let me stress that because they returned does not mean they weren’t dead in the first place. They were pronounced dead by a doctor, their hearts have stopped functioning, and no blood is going to the brain. So, yes, they were as dead as any other corpse. The difference is, they were resuscitated and lived to tell their story. Thus, I’ve tried not to use ‘near’ wherever possible. There are a couple of places where it’s used but sparingly.

    Interest in religions began for me when I was eight or nine years old, and my grandfather died. I didn’t know him well, so it didn’t mean much, except his passing brought an awareness of death. What was death? Where did people go? What was going to happen to me? When I put that last question to my atheist mother, she told me nothing happened, we just stopped existing. What? I was a little girl, I didn’t want to disappear. My fear of death became a giant that stomped through my thoughts and awakened an interest in finding answers. It may have begun with a fear of death, but my interest grew as I dug deep for the answers to the hard, spiritual questions. What did people get out of church? Who was Jesus? Did other religions have different messages? Although I was curious, my earnest study of spirituality began in my mid-teens and has lasted a lifetime. The journey has been one of frustration and disappointment, immense joy, and awefilled wonder.

    Like the trickled runoff from melting snow, today a new understanding of death has seeped into the world. Drip by drip we have opened ourselves to discover that death is far more glorious than we ever thought possible. When we listen to those who have taken the sojourn into that alien world, we discover a beautiful and rewarding experience.

    In 2007 it was my honor to add to those years of study, when I had the opportunity to research near-death experiences for Dr. Jeffrey Long’s book, Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of the Near-Death Experiences. When I began the research, I walked into a garden of knowledge. As I tended the flowers of reports, I found blossoms that spoke to the deep questions of life. All together I had the honor to research 2,500 NDEs and the information was so glorious I was compelled to tell the world. Hence, my book, The Wonder of You: What the Near-Death Experience Tells You About Yourself.

    We truly are spiritual beings attracted to information that promises new ways of relating to spirit. Although there are wonderful treasures of knowledge, there are also crusty scales of misinformation and confusion within reports of the death experience. Disappointment and confusion reign when we are confronted with conflicting information.

    This second edition of The Wonder of You: What the Near-Death Experience Tells You About Yourself aims to clarify some of those misconceptions. It uses a logical, common-sense perspective coupled with well-documented research to find clarity. We will dig into the questions: When does death occur? What is the difference between an NDE (Near-Death Experience) and an OBE (Out-of-Body Experience)? Why don’t doctors accept NDEs? What is it all about? It’s my sincere hope we will learn and grow from this information and gain a deeper understanding of the secrets of life.

    Most of the material used here is from the website, NDERF. Information that’s not from this source is otherwise specified. Material from people’s reports are italicized and, because some of them are lengthy, have been paraphrased. However, the names of the people have been included wherever possible, so they can be looked up. With respect for those who have talked about Hell or suicide, the names have not been included, except if that person has given permission or clearly not used their name.

    One last point before we move on. It is not the intention of this book to create a new religion, we have more than enough. Nor do I want to disrespect anyone’s beliefs. I have a high regard for all faiths and honor each person’s right to believe as they choose. If any of the material in here is not what you believe, or it goes against what you have been taught, then please know that is not my intention. The material here is based on material that has come back from people who have died and returned. I have tried not to change anything. It is completely your choice if you accept this information or not, with my blessing.

    A Spiritual Experience

    Although my mother was an atheist she was open-minded, and I was completely free to explore to my heart’s content. No one told me what to think, and I entertained no restricting ideas of how the world should look. As each faith came to me I dug down to its origin and scrutinized the various components where they intersected. I burrowed into my studies until my unrestrained curiosity was satisfied and was free to move on to the next one.

    Being raised in a Judeo-Christian country naturally first took me in those directions and I discovered the foundations of the faiths my personal world had been built upon. Once I understood the history and development of these religions, I gently put them away and explored the offshoots: Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Church of Latter-Day Saints, the Salvation Army, and Fundamentalist Baptist to name a few. I picked each up, turned it this way and that, and rattled it a bit to find out what was inside.

    At the time, I tried bumping my head against the Eastern philosophies, but my teen self could not imagine a world where personal possessions weren’t important. Let’s face it, I was the normal Western teenager and quite frankly thought those guys were nuts. Interestingly, years later I went back to those beliefs, and can now see the beauty and depth of the Zen Buddhist path.

    Was I just curious or was I searching for somewhere I would feel at home? It didn’t matter, and over the years I found many fascinating concepts within each expression of the spiritual as that chasm within drove me onward to find answers. Why do I exist? How does life happen? Is there a higher power? If so, what role does he/she/it play in our lives?

    By 1973 I was recently divorced and a single-parent mother with three small children. I’d returned to school in the hopes of getting a decent job and providing a home for us. That spring my second year at college was complete and I was looking forward to summer’s promise of hot sun and a time to relax. That’s when I received a gift that took me by the hand and led me into the deeper understanding I was seeking.

    It was a quiet time at our house as Leah, my oldest daughter, was now in grade one, Brad, the middle child, attended afternoon kindergarten, and Wendy, the youngest, was tucked away for an afternoon nap.

    My hands were stuck in hot, sudsy water as I mechanically washed dishes. Suddenly, as if my mind were taken over by a strange force, I completely lost awareness of where I was and what I was doing. From the window above the sink the crabapple tree in the backyard seemed to stretch out to me. The tree had me in a strange embrace that revealed a bizarre new reality. Understanding beyond question overwhelmed me and I knew, deep in the core of me, that the crabapple tree and I were one, we were inseparable. In a way I couldn’t comprehend, I knew the tree and I had become indivisible; we were a single being. The essence of the tree was the same essence within me.

    Delight and understanding rushed through me and I was filled with wonder. Within that happiness, a contented feeling told me all was in its proper place and was as it should be.

    Unaware of the suds dripping on the floor from my hands, I stood mesmerized while other forms of life went through my mind. Fish and whales in the ocean, lions and elephants in the wild—they all shared that same life. I became the bird sitting in the tree, and simultaneously the bug the bird was about to eat. We were one single entity expressing itself as life on this planet. The form each life took was irrelevant as I became completely enmeshed with the essence of that oneness. In that state, it was impossible to define where the other forms of life ended, and where I began. There were no differences, no separations.

    A microsecond later I became aware of the physical world around me and the water dripping on the floor.

    This happened before most of North America had heard of the term Oneness nor the near-death experience. It was also a time when Boomers were engrossed in a search for themselves and spirituality. Many had turned away from formal churches and were exploring the meaning of life. The Beatles visited ashrams and Friedrich Nietzsche’s claim God is dead became a familiar chant.

    It is difficult to say how long I was caught in that alternate reality, perhaps a minute, possibly less. It’s not surprising that experience offered me a lifetime of learning. Up to that moment, I’d sought understanding through the established faiths. Now another route opened to me. The world wasn’t a bunch of separate beings busily living life. Deep in the core of us an amazing connection waits to be recognized. The fact I didn’t yet understand what had happened was no problem. It offered fodder to chew on in my quest for the truth.

    The experience with the tree was the first of a series of parallel events. A few days later, during another quiet afternoon, I busily spot-washed fingerprints from the hall walls. The quiet house had lulled me into a state of peaceful contemplation of nothing in particular. Without warning, once more my awareness seemed to be taken over by a powerful force.

    Seconds before I had been washing marks off the walls, suddenly I was intensely immersed in the awareness of an atom. Without trying to capture my thoughts and return them to where they had been, I allowed them to float in this curious direction. Before me was an atom with its nucleus and electrons spinning around the core. It was as though each element possessed an independent consciousness, knew exactly what it needed to do and got busy doing it. The planning and order within the atom dominated my awareness.

    Once recognition of what I was seeing entered my consciousness the image transformed like the scene in a movie. Now, a representation of our solar system whirling in the darkness of space. The sun contentedly sat in a semi-stationary position while the planets busily spun around it in a perpetual game of tag. Once more my attention was directed to the deliberate order, rhythm, and intelligence behind the solar system. Let me clarify; it wasn’t as though an external brain was operating the solar system like a wizard with a wand. This mental capacity was permeated within the solar system itself. Inexplicably, part of me realized I already knew this and was simply being reminded. None of what I was seeing was the result of a lucky accident.

    Once more the scene expanded from our local solar system to the Milky Way Galaxy as it spun in a golden pirouette among sister galaxies, all spinning together in an amazing pattern of synchronicity. Again, I knew that not a single thing had mistakenly come to be. There was order and planning in every element.

    As I delighted in this new understanding a realization overtook me that kept me reeling in wonder for many years. No voice spoke, yet the knowledge swept through me and implanted itself in every cell of my body. The message was so powerful I

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