The Strange World of Victor Gilpin

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The Strange World of Victor Gilpin

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By William G. Kestor

London 1979

Victor Gilpin's eccentric father dies, and bequeaths his forty year old son the fortune of a family heirloom.

But the idiosyncratic Victor fails to understand puzzling cryptic instructions in the will?

A Detective Merriweather is asking questions. What is this heirloom? Where is it? Why leave veiled instructions, if your only son doesn't know what they mean?

The police uncover a secret safe — open and empty — a baffling mystery ensues.

Victor's inheritance is missing! He has no idea what or where it is?

He begins his own quest to find the heirloom. But the arrival of a mysterious vagrant coincides with increasing neurotic behaviour. Stranded in the sad ruins of a failed marriage, and tormented by years of anxiety and depression, Victor hangs on desperately to a precarious relationship with a single mother of two — his beloved Emily.

Victor's quest uncovers evidence of a dubious family history that questions the veracity of his childhood memories. Is he losing his fragile grip on reality?

Fortune surely awaits — but at what price?

Lurking amid the repressed memories of his past, lays a solution to the mystery, the reality of his past — and his true identity!

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