How to Humanistically Handle Bad Bullying Bosses

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How to Humanistically Handle Bad Bullying Bosses

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Can behavioral science help us learn how to help bad bullying bosses be less ... bad? Yes. It can. Jennifer Hancock, author of several award-winning books and founder of Humanist Learning Systems will teach us how to humanistically help our bosses be better managers. She specializes in humanistic management and programs focused on how to stop bullying and harassment using science. Her insights on how to combine philosophy and science to help solve our problems more effectively have helped countless people all over the world.

We all know that bullying is not a valid management technique. But what should you do if your boss is the bully? In this book Jennifer Hancock discusses reasons why bosses behave badly, the importance of correctly diagnosing the problem, creating a strategy to deal with it and how to use behavioral management techniques to help train your boss to be less bad.

Topics Covered:
- What bullying and harassment is
- How to stop unwanted behavior using behavioral science
- Using Compassion and Dignity to address inappropriate behavior in the workplace
- How to document inappropriate behavior effectively

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