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Family Spirits: The Adventures and Evidence of Gallo Family Ghost Hunters
Family Spirits: The Adventures and Evidence of Gallo Family Ghost Hunters
Family Spirits: The Adventures and Evidence of Gallo Family Ghost Hunters
Ebook299 pages3 hours

Family Spirits: The Adventures and Evidence of Gallo Family Ghost Hunters

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this ebook


From pioneering the art of paranormal investigation in the 90's, to the creation of an award winning web-series. Join Bobby J., Renee, Nicky G., and Courtnee on a supernatural adventure like no other. The "All-American Family" who can capture paranormal evidence like the television para-celebs... And all but prove that ghosts exist.

A thrilling and chilling book for all ages... Learn how and why ghost hunting works. And see the compelling evidence G.F.G.H have collected over the course of three seasons of episodes while braving some of the most haunted locations in America.

Each episode fully described as if you are actually investigating right along side of Gallo Family Ghost Hunters!

Learn about the equipment, techniques, and terminology used in ghost hunting, paranormal investigation, and afterlife research.

Use as a guide for your own ghost hunts and investigations.
Release dateAug 28, 2019
Family Spirits: The Adventures and Evidence of Gallo Family Ghost Hunters
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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    Join the ghost-hunt for an experience you will never forget.

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Family Spirits - Bobby J. Gallo

Bobby J. Gallo



First published by BG Entertainment 2019

Copyright © 2019 by Bobby J. Gallo

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, or otherwise without written permission from the publisher. It is illegal to copy this book, post it to a website, or distribute it by any other means without permission.

Bobby J. Gallo asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

Bobby J. Gallo has no responsibility for the persistence or accuracy of URLs for external or third-party Internet Websites referred to in this publication and does not guarantee that any content on such Websites is, or will remain, accurate or appropriate.

Designations used by companies to distinguish their products are often claimed as trademarks. All brand names and product names used in this book and on its cover are trade names, service marks, trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners. The publishers and the book are not associated with any product or vendor mentioned in this book. None of the companies referenced within the book have endorsed the book.

The phrase ghost hunters as referenced in this book is a generally used term describing individuals involved in the pursuit of paranormal investigation. And is in no way affiliated with the television show of the same name.

This book is written for entertainment purposes only. Any field use of the information contained is intended only for those willing to assume any and all risks associated with ghost hunting and paranormal investigation.

Children under the age of 18 should never practice ghost hunting or use any of the information contained within this book without direct parental supervision and consent.

First edition

ISBN: 978-154-398-3586

Editing by Dianne Rose

This book was professionally typeset on Reedsy

Find out more at reedsy.com

To my amazing and talented family who made these incredible adventures the memories of a lifetime. You are the greatest of God’s blessings.

To my Dad in heaven, who’s messages to me began my quest for answers.

"Not a window was broken, and the paint wasn’t peeling, Not a porch step sagged, yet there was a feeling.

That beyond the door, and into the hall, This was the house, of no one at all.

No one who breathed, nor laughed, nor ate, nor said I love, nor said I hate.

Yet something walked, along the stair,

Something that was, and wasn’t there.

That is why weeds on the path grow high, And even the moon, races fearfully by.

For something walks, along the stair,

Something that is, and isn’t there."

The Haunted House by Vic Crume





Gallo Family Ghost Hunters

Bobby J.

Strange Vibrations

Background on the rest of the team


Nicky G.


What Is A Ghost?

Do ghosts really exist?

Ghosts across time

Little known haunts versus paranormal attractions

Does ghost hunting jive with organized religion?

Ghostly communication methods

Ghost hunting etiquette

How can you protect yourself from nasty ghosts?

Paranormal investigators versus ghost hunters

A few words on skeptics


What exactly is pareidolia and matrixing?

Ghost Hunting Terms & Tech

The three main areas of afterlife research

Bare bones ghost hunting kit

Further ghost hunting gear

EMF and ghosts

EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomenon

AVP: Audible Voice Phenomenon

Cold spots

Paranormal photography

ITC: Instrumental Transcommunication

An opposing viewpoint

The Ghost Meter Pro (GMP)

The Ghost Speaker by Krugism Development LLC

A few words on cell phone ghost hunting apps

Dowsing rods, Ouija boards, and pendulums

Paranormal Pioneers

Investigating The Haunted Palace Theater – Netcong NJ

Real Family-Real Life-Real Ghosts

Our Ghost Story Begins…

First Contact

Ancient Spirit Desires Solitude

St. Augustine & Orbs

Augustine Orb Project

What are Spirit Orbs?

Can airborne particles cause orb-like images?

Orbs caught on video

What does a paranormal orb actually look like?

Empirical evidence of paranormal orbs

Back-Scatter debunked

Strategic placement

Can dust specks have twin siblings?

Spirit In The Forgotten Town Square

St. Augustine Ghost Crawl

Real Ghost Accepts A Challenge

Shadow Soldier Sighting At The Castillo de San Marcos

The Haunted Carolina’s

Haunted Rosedale Plantation

Messages From The Crypt

Let’s talk a bit about relevance

Alone In A Dark Cemetery

Unknown Soldiers

British Ghost Soldier Gallops Again

Return To Kings Mountain

We Were Not Alone - The Greatest EVP Ever Caught

Eager Ghost Communication

Ghost Voices In The Machine

Temple Spirits 1 & 2

Grave Matters - The phone app that named the dead

From The Other Side With Love

Laurelwood 1 & 2

Forbidden communication

Revolutionary Shadows

Footsteps Of Antietam

The Palace Twenty Years Later

Back To The Haunted Palace - Part 1 - The Fountain Of Mystery

Back To The Haunted Palace Part 2 - The Stairway

Back To The Haunted Palace Part 3 - Malcolm Finally Speaks

Things Begin To Get Heavy

Times Past Haunted Farm

The Gate Keeper

Thoughts on cemetery investigation

What are the most haunted cemeteries?

Flowers For Emma

Ghosts Of Elmwood

The Search For Mary Elizabeth Randall

No Spirits Allowed

The Hidden Grave Of Thomas Sprot

Ghost Guide

Mystery At Blackstock Cemetery

Ghosts a’ la Mode

Hometown Spirits

Tragedy At Rockport

Witch City Part 1 - Ghost In The Witch House

Witch City Part 2 - Spirit Laughter At Old Burying Point

Witch City Part 3 - Gallows Hill

Witch City Part 4 - Haunted Room 17

The Parlor

Shades Of The Past

Gettysburg Part 1 - Ghosts & Girls In Gettysburg

Gettysburg Part 2 - Girls In The Dark

Gettysburg Part 3 - Confederate Ghost Soldier

Other Episodes

Clinton Road - America’s REAL Haunted Highway

Electromagnetic Ghost Voices - Gallo Family Ghost Gear

The Mystery of Cat Swamp Hill

Colonial Whispers

Ethereal Tour Guide

Spirit Touch ITC Device - Field Test at Gettysburg

Orbs and Ectoplasm in St. Augustine - ICOM Paranormal

More videos on www.GhostHunter.ws to binge watch

The End… Or is it?


Is modern science stuck in the past?

Till next we meet…

A last word about the spirits we have contacted


Recommended Resources

About the Author


Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of ghost hunters. Some were beginners. Others were pros.

Every one of them had a story to tell, but few shared experiences as compelling and eerie as Bobby J. Gallo’s.

When I recommend a ghost hunting book, the author has to impress me. That’s not just about the writing.

I look for qualities I insist upon when I assemble an investigative team.

The researcher should be intelligent. If he or she overlooks natural – if odd – explanations, that’s a liability.

In addition, I want to see a balance of healthy skepticism and wide-eyed enthusiasm. Once a researcher becomes jaded or cynical, he’s lost his objectivity.

Describing an investigation, the person should draw a clear line between the events as they happened, and the personal, subjective impact of what happened.

Humor is essential. If you take yourself – or ghost hunting – too seriously, investigations become tedious. You lose your credibility.

After reading this book, Bobby J. Gallo ranks high on my list of bright, down-to-earth, eager, and curious ghost hunters.

Even better, Bobby’s expertise in stage magic is unbeatable. If anyone can spot a hoax or debunk something weird at a haunted site, it’s Bobby. He’s like a real-life version of the British TV series, Jonathan Creek.

In these pages, Bobby shines as a storyteller. These aren’t made-up stories, but personal experiences and real ghostly encounters.

Along the way, Bobby shares tips and insights that every ghost hunter can learn from… and yes, that includes me.

Of course, many paranormal investigators write great how-to books. They explain the nuts and bolts of ghost hunting. They recommend the best equipment and how to use it. They describe how and where to find the eeriest haunts.

Other authors describe their investigations in fascinating detail. Their accounts are so compelling and authentic, even experienced ghost hunters get chills, reading their stories.

In this book, Bobby combines both talents.

From the start, he welcomes us into his family of ghost hunters. Reading this book, I felt as if I knew everyone on his team, and liked them.

Bobby’s writing style is fresh and fun. His stories ring true. His illustrations show ghost hunting as it really is. He’s a likable guy and generous with his insights.

But mostly, Bobby’s warmth, sincerity, and humor combine to bring us into the experience. You’ll feel like you’re right there, as part of each ghostly encounter and investigation.

Whether you want to become a ghost hunter or read creepy (but true) ghost stories on dark and stormy nights – or both – I think you’ll enjoy this book.

Fiona Broome

Author and Paranormal Researcher


In the past ten years, the paranormal phenomenon fueled by the popularity of ghost hunting television shows has taken the world by storm. People from all walks of life. Every background, ethnicity, political persuasion, and age have become borderline obsessed with this incredibly controversial subject. A community almost as diverse as the reasons they become involved in the first place.

Some are looking for enlightenment. Some are looking for proof of life after death. And still others become involved for the sake of debunking it all.

Paranormal groups have become widespread and exist in every country and on every continent across the globe. There are even individuals and companies who’s sole focus is the development of cutting edge electronic instruments and phone apps for the singular purpose of attempting to contact the dead.

And that’s where we come in… Gallo Family Ghost Hunters - G.F.G.H have become an underground phenomenon in the paranormal community earning tens of thousands of views on our award winning web-series. The adventures we have experienced were, and continue to be amazing. And even though it’s easy just to watch our entertaining episodes, there is so much to be said about what happened behind the scenes, and why certain moments were so significant… And sometimes frightening.

These experiences have also given us a definite perspective of the paranormal field and what we consider valid evidence and methods. Interspersed between the discussion of episodes, we will be talking about our views and the views of others when it comes to all things paranormal. Our equipment will also be analyzed. Why we use it, and why we believe it works. As well as exclusive background stories which have never been revealed until now.

Chances are, if you are a parapsychologist, paranormal investigator, or fellow ghost hunter, you probably won’t agree with some of our methodology or validity of evidence. In fact, I have never run into two people in our field who believe in exactly the same things. That’s the price of being a pioneer. We are literally sailing across a sea that has no land in sight…Yet. So this book is predominately written based upon our own methods and experiences with the exception of some key informational sources we used as a guide and are listed at the end of this book on the recommended resources page.

It is my sincere hope that the reader approaches this work with an open mind, and reads the book until it’s completion despite any possible preconceived notions about certain aspects of the content.

There are no experts in the world of the paranormal. And to this day, no solid scientific proof of ghosts. However, there are mountains of evidence and personal experience. So much so that millions across the planet continue to pursue this extraordinary challenge… Including us.

Bobby J. Gallo


My incredible family, Renee, Nicolet, and Courtnee without whom, none of this would have been possible.

My wonderful mom for putting up with my strangeness from magic, to the rock band, then back to the magic again… Supporting me every step of the way, even though she would much rather I was an accountant.

My brother Vince who must still think I’m weird. But hey, that’s what brothers are for. Also his wife Jill who relayed that life-changing message to me from my late father.

To the late Dr. Harry Stafford, our first mentor in the paranormal field.

Fiona Broome, for writing the foreword to this book and providing her expert advice when needed.

April Abercrombie of Ghost Advice for writing the afterword to the book and keeping me grounded with alternate viewpoints during some pretty intense debates on Facebook.

Walter Fritz, my high school drama teacher and play director. The skills you taught me I’ve used my entire life and eventually brought me here… Thank you.

All of my paranormal friends and colleagues including: Lance Philip of EKG , Mollie Abramitis, John and Debbie Holliday, Chuck Gotski, Reverend Neil Farley, Hugh Fairman, Brigid Mcdermott Goode and Pamela Spicknall of The Ghost Gals, Jamie Pearce of Historic Haunts, Daniel Roberge of Big Beard Studios, Scott Krug of Krugism Development LLC, Hope Sargent, Anthony Ortiz, Chickie Haute, Jane Horton Starr, Robert Grote, Virgil Colligan from ECRIPT (East Coast Research, Investigation, and Development Team), Kirsten Klang of Mystical Minnesota Paranormal, Nicole Novelle, and Cyrus Kirkpatrick.

Also a special thank you to: GTN, DailyMotion, Blip.TV, Vimeo, The International Conservatory of Magic Online, Steve Fredericks of The Growing Stage at The Palace Theater, The Salem Inn, Asheville Masonic Temple, Millie of Historic Rosedale Plantation, Rose Bean Schledwitz of Times Past Haunted Farm, The Spratt family, Paranormal Kool-Aid Radio, Paranormal King Radio, and the Ad Twins.

Also to my showbiz friends: Bill Wisch, Dan and Gerri Abrahamsen of DCA Productions, Mickey Who? Loesch, Wanda Ellett, Laurie Wheatman Zoock, The PSY-GUYS: Mike Emma, Shawn Bates, and Brian J Orlowski, The rock band ARSENAL: Bob Nunn, Mike Lemire, Rob Cole, with Martin Olivo on lights (they were truly paranormal), and the late Lou Batson.

If I missed anyone here, my apologies… But please know that you are appreciated.

Last but certainly not least… William, Malcolm, Jenny, Lou, Nancy, Catherine, Emma, Thomas, Acton, Mary Elizabeth, Annie, Matilda, Susannah, Sophia, Captain Nathaniel West, and all of the other ghosts who have interacted with us throughout this fascinating adventure… You have not been forgotten.


Gallo Family Ghost Hunters

Thank you for purchasing this book and allowing our ghost hunting adventures into your world. We are a regular, All-American family who is normal in every way except one. We talk to ghosts. Yea, for real…

From the outset, we have to make this essential disclaimer. We may be an unlikely band of ghost hunters. And many will see this picture and say, "if they can do it, so can we." But this hobby isn’t for everyone. If you follow in our footsteps and set out to contact supernatural entities using any or all of the methods described in this book, you do so at your own risk. This isn’t a game. And since you will see my kids engaging in these activities it must be stressed that children should never ghost hunt unless supervised and guided by a parent knowledgeable in the study of the paranormal. This is for real. To that end some will scoff at that statement while others will take it dead seriously. But at the end of the day, it’s your choice and sole responsibility.

But before we delve into the unknown and permanently change the way you view the supernatural forever, we have a little ghostly housekeeping to do. I think it’s appropriate to offer a short biography of each team member so that you can get to know us on a more personal level and see our perspective on the paranormal. Perhaps you will see similarities with yourself and your own family?

Gallo Family Ghost Hunters

Bobby J.

My fascination with ghosts began way back in my childhood. Other than comics and superheros, my

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