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Whether you find yourself between jobs or looking to change your current position, "100 Tips to Find that Job" will help you get the job of your dreams. Through the process of 100 Tips you will discover:
* The real reasons you're looking for a job
* What really turns you on in a job
* The secret of turning failure into winning
* The driving force of inner motivation
* How to take risks without losing it all
* The art of organization
* The power of adapting to change
* The future is yours to create
"Remember: it's important to enjoy the journey of job hunting. Your job will come from experimenting with the 100 Tips and the flashes of inspiration that come to you. This combination will create a solution that is unique to your needs." Robert Kennaugh.

Rob Kennaugh has over 30 years of project management experience in the areas of sales, marketing and information technology within the public and private sectors. His work has involved dealings with many differing industries, cultures and work practices, leading him to the realisation that the underlying driving force of people is the desire "to help themselves".

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