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Of course, not all employees, or those presently ‘between positions,’ would like to be in command of their future careers and lifestyle by developing and managing their own commercial enterprise. However, the media reports a substantial percentage of employees, and those who are currently unemployed, are indeed wishing they could develop their own business, and thus, determine and develop their future commercial careers.

This book introduces many of the wide range of issues involved in starting and managing a business:

■Understanding yourself, your motivations, and your skills and limits.
■Understanding integrated marketing as a core business process.
■Thinking long-term while acting daily.
■Being “out there” with successful business presentations.
■Networking and knowledge management.
■Planning, time management, budgeting and financial control.
■Staff management and dealing with the regulatory environment.
■Succession planning and preparing for a future no-growth economy.

Along with the book comes a CD of valuable appendices giving the reader access to electronic templates, flow diagrams and other planning tools relating to all the above business processes, all created, tried and tested by Hugh W Robinson in the marketplace.

The author’s great hope is that you find this book interesting, stimulating, helpful, educational, and informative regarding the various ways to becoming ‘master of your own destiny.’


"This is a comprehensive readable and entertaining series of “office chats” about planning, running, and evolving a start-up enterprise. It presents a wealth of experience, with some very special wisdom in a number of important areas." Elizabeth G Heij PhD, FTSE, FAIM

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