The Practice of God's Presence

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The Practice of God's Presence

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Sometimes, some people come to church and they say, “Lord, we’ve come into your presence today,” and when they leave, they feel they’ve left the presence of God. Some even pray for the presence of God to come down. But the truth is, as a child of God, you don’t “come” into God’s presence but you carry that presence everywhere you go! A Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit, need not “enter” the presence again because he is already in God’s presence. When you go to church, you go with His presence in you. This is because you’re the temple of the living God, who dwells in you by the Holy Spirit. When you were born again, Christ took up His abode in the quarters of your heart. He’s in you now, and you’re in Him, hence you are now the living ark of testimony and the tabernacle of His presence.
The presence of God represents a radiation or refection of God’s glory. It is the manifest touch that comes when the glory of God is radiated in a particular place.

The presence is not the glory but the radiation or refection of that glory. Basically, the anointing of God is a manifestation of the power of God while the glory of God is a manifestation of His attributes. However, the power of God and the presence of God are inseparable because God does not demonstrate His power without His presence. The power of God is displayed through manifestation but the presence comes with the glory. In the absence of a manifestation, there is no power but the presence can come without a manifestation. In this publication, Apostle Frequency Revelator explores the divine truth that it is possible for one to be under the atmosphere of God’s presence 24 hours as long as the right atmosphere is activated. The presence of God has to be practised, stirred, activated, invoked or invigorated. That is why there is such a thing called practising the presence. It is in the presence of God that we get so refreshed, revitalised, rejuvenated and invigorated with divine energy.

Presiding over a Global Network of Apostolic and Prophetic Visions, in the capacity of the C.E.O of Global Destiny Publishing House (Pty) Ltd, Director of the Global Apostolic & Prophetic Network (GAP), Founder of Resurrection Embassy (The Global Church), the Pioneer of Resurrection TV (The Dead-Raising Channel ) and the Principal of the renowned Global School of Signs and Wonders (GSSW), in this publication, Apostle Frequency Revelator has endeavored to unveil and unpack divine revelation that every born again Christian is an ark that should carry the presence of God everywhere to influence those in his sphere of contact.

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