The Oracle III ~ A Chance: The Oracle, #3

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The Oracle III ~ A Chance: The Oracle, #3

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Length: 307 pages4 hours


Immigrant or Expat? Jasmin is again facing a choice. While she keeps on dreaming about a different history of the world shown to her by the priestess Sarah, an Oracle, she has the opportunity to move in and live in an up-market residence. Invited into social circles, previously unavailable to her, she tries to heal the conditioning of the past. But her dreams continue to give no respite. Sarah and the characters from her night are enchanted by the story they view in magical mirrors: about Lilit and Ea - dealing with the consequences of their actions; about Akasha and the souls caught on the moon in an incarnation trap to serve other races …

A remarkable journey of a female artist between dimensions! Provoking to reflect what is real in our lives. Is there a destiny?

Iwona Gilarska, dancer, choreographer, teacher

A fascinating story about looking for a better future abroad. A combination of reality, spirituality, ancient wisdom and psychology makes this book a captivating read.

Dominika Miernik, Psychologist, Career Transformation Coach

This is a great story about real dreams and magical waking (lucid) life. I wholeheartedly encourage you to read it!

Marcin Dolecki, Metaphysician

A lot of us have an inner enemy that is a lack of self-confidence. An inner voice that is demanding, judgmental and blocks our plans. "The Oracle III" not only describes how the contemporary world is connected with the spiritual one and ancient mysteries but time travel and discovering Self in every dimension. Nobody else directs our fate but us. It's enough to believe to realize dreams. I warm-heartedly recommend this read!

Małgorzata Urszula Laska, Author of books for children and adults

Oracle III shows Joanna's great talent in showing the dance of Destiny in our lives. What an exciting journey, where nothing happens by chance. I look forward to Oracle IV.

Jason Kelly Thompson, Psychologist

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