Love Me Blind: A Novel

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Love Me Blind: A Novel

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 346 pages5 hours


Mona Louise hasn't had the best year. Since her father's passing, Mona has struggled to get her life back on track. To make matters worse, Andrew Sumpter is back in the flesh and he's ready to start anew. Ignoring her heart, she decides to stay clear of him—at least she tries. Andrew, never one to give up, is determined to win back the bond they once shared.Andrew knows that he messed up, but he's willing to make good with Mona. When the old group gets together for a month-long trip to their old summer cabin, he decides to make his move. As attraction begins to grow between the two, they must decide if they can let go of the past and finally live in the moment before life takes a crack at them again.

Take a dive into the evolving friendship of Mona and Andrew as they take you from past to present to a hopeful future.

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