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Travels With M

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~Frank Philip Foster, A Memoir

The Adventure Begins

Where exactly does an adventure begin? Looking from forty odd years on it would have to be a
Saturday evening in early December 1966. I had been away and independent for five years. Now
twenty five, I had moved back home to Rotherham, an industrial town in the north of England, and
was four months into a job offered to me by one of my old high school teachers. Life at home was
becoming stifling.

I had never been good at `picking up' girls. Most of my girlfriends up to this point I had met while
working on the post at Christmas, friends of friends and girls my cousin had set me up with. This
particular Saturday in December a colleague from work had suggested we go dancing at the Nether
Edge dance hall on the south side of Sheffield. I rarely went dancing, but where else did you meet
girls in 1966?

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