Being an Empath Today: Personal and Self Development, #9

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Being an Empath Today: Personal and Self Development, #9

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Are you an empath who is attracting the emotions of those around you?

Does this cause you problems in relationships and at work?

Are you looking for support to help you understand and deal with this gift?

Empaths occupy a very particular niche within society and are often misunderstood as a result. It isn't easy when you are constantly overwhelmed by the emotions of family members and strangers which can leave you exhausted and frustrated, but there is help.

Inside the pages of the book, Being an Empath Today, we examine what it can mean for people who have this amazing ability and who struggle to sometimes cope with its demands, with chapters on:

What it means to be an empath The different types of empath How emotions and empaths work together The everyday challenges you face Exhaustion and fatigue How to shield yourself from an energy vampire Managing your ability And lots more…

Being an empath can be a burden like no other and when you don't fully understand your ability or can't see the best way to deal with it, you can be left feeling like it's more of a curse than anything.

But with the help of this book you can begin to take back control of your life and see a way to live with it, successfully and happily.

Get a copy of Being an Empath Today now and get a better understanding today!

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