Princess Substitute: Volume 1

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Princess Substitute: Volume 1

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Love car such as life rebellious girl xiao cancan was through the plot other people s tying are along through a habitual track development but she as soon as she came through it was without question a substitute for the princess the most terrible is that this princess suffers from severe personality disorder which makes her jump up and down through life and keeps her busy while in the palace when the noble princess from the sun arrogant and domineering in a short while the incarnation of le lou s first girl mixed up with the wind and water even the sinister wulin disputes also need her to insert a foot when will this end in the face of a lot of pursuers xiao cancan vexed contradictions find the emperor to see her eyes become more and more hot xiao cancan embarrassed and panic the emperor brother i am now your sister you want to control ah even the father and son from the wulin family also want to tangle with her xiao cancan looked up at the sky and sighed lord open your eyes what is this it is said that women chase men to lie between layer gauze but she is so hard why this dull coquacious man like a piece of stone seventeen years ago the fairy princess and the first emperor what happened to the unknown story is cong yang really a split personality why is she a good princess not to do but choose to be a girl in le lou the first emperor has many princes there are also prince why did he finally make su zhen the son of the concubine emperor is the death of the fairy princess an artificial or imperial decree the mysterious man who has been behind the princess from the sun is a person is a ghost when all the truth comes to light xiao cancan s life which way to go
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