Wealthy Family's Runaway Wife: Volume 2

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Wealthy Family's Runaway Wife: Volume 2

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She thought that the first love is the most beautiful and good but don t want to betrayal by first love boyfriend mitilda with classmates she is a bitter smile it is not each people have fond memories of first love six years later she fell in love with a millionaire ye wei ming under his strong pursuit she promised an engagement with him but don t want to a night in front of the engagement she found ye wei ming around with another woman she looked at a remorse and shocked face down a bitter smile she swears from now on she doesn t believe in love again sad she got drunk with wine encountered male yan situxuan situxuan said i love you in a long time ago she smiled i no longer believe in love besides i have never loved you situxuan said it s ok i ll let you believe in love after slowly fall in love with me she really fell in love with situxuan getting along with however an accident that she and situxuan apart from now on become strangers years later she found situxuan kneel in front of him you once said if one day i knelt on the ground regardless of anything you will promise me situxuan cold a smile yes she said good i want your marrow
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