Nazi Millionaires: The Allied Search for Hidden SS Gold

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Nazi Millionaires: The Allied Search for Hidden SS Gold

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars2.5/5 (5 ratings)
Length: 482 pages7 hours


The untold story of Nazi officers who escaped Germany after WWII with stolen treasure—and the Allied investigation to get it back.

During the final days of World War II, German SS officers crammed trains, cars, and trucks full of gold, currency, and jewels, and headed for the mountains of Austria. Most of these men were eventually apprehended, but many managed to evade capture. The intensive postwar Allied investigation that followed recovered only a sliver of their treasure. The true story of the men who escaped, and the riches that went missing, is finally revealed in Nazi Millionaires.

This groundbreaking study, based on previously unpublished and newly declassified documents, offers insight into the minds and methods of these SS thieves. Readers are taken inside the Reich Security Main Office where they worked and the Allied investigation into their activities to discover what happened to the vast wealth they looted from Europe’s Jews. Nazi Millionaires tells a remarkable tale of greed, fraud, treachery, and murder.
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