She Has A Mask, But A True Heart: Volume 2

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She Has A Mask, But A True Heart: Volume 2

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Length: 563 pages8 hours


Seems to be the predestined fate of the previous life han xin-yao became a murderer at the same time also became luo xiaoxi jiang jisheng s deepest love with his love but only because of that let jiang jisheng think about the face want to let han xin-yao completely become luo xiaoxi double do not want to think soft waxy waxy who doesn t want the only heart in front of love p p han xin-yao has been completely negative jiang jisheng when the man left to wake up but it seems that the soft little rabbit is really angry but no matter han xin-yao or luo xiaoxi is his jiang jisheng s bag so tsundere president please start your way back
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