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You want to do everything you can to protect your loved ones, your home, your treasured possessions, and your financial future. But have you really taken the right steps?
This year, hundreds of thousands of American families will face natural and man-made disasters including floods, fires, hurricanes, tornados and more. Millions of adults and children alike will be killed or seriously injured in preventable accidents - family crises that don't have to happen. Millions more will be victimized by criminals, burglars, child predators, identity thieves and scam artists.

If you want to take the right steps to prepare and protect the things that are most important to you - your family, your home, your financial future - then you owe to yourself and your family to read this book.

Learn how to prepare your family and home for any potential disaster - including flood, fire, hurricanes, tornados and more.

Protect against accidents that claim the lives of more than 100,000 Americans each year - accidents that the information in this book can help you prevent.
Make your home or apartment more secure - and a less attractive target for burglars and home invaders.
Make your valuables harder to fence or sell - and therefore less likely to be stolen.
Protect your computer data and other personal information.
Ensure that you have the records you need to collect on insurance claims in the event of a burglary or disaster.
Avoid financial scams that could lead to financial disaster for your family.
Help your loved ones avoid street crime.
Protect your children from sexual predators - online and on the streets.
Travel with confidence in backcountry and wilderness areas, and anywhere else in the world, with the full peace of mind that you are prepared to protect yourself.
If you really want to protect your family, your
home, your financial future, and more...
SAFE could be the most important book you'll ever read!
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