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The Arousal to Zipper: Writing the Best Sex of Your Life

The Arousal to Zipper: Writing the Best Sex of Your Life

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The Arousal to Zipper: Writing the Best Sex of Your Life

59 pages
16 minutes
Jan 30, 2020


Renowned steamstress Linda Mercury presents how to write the best sex scenes possible. No matter your heat level, this book will teach you to evoke the most emotion in every intimate encounter.

Jan 30, 2020

About the author

Hello! I'm Linda Mercury, a writer and creator of really unusual fictional worlds. More than anything, I care about compassion, connection, and intimacy. Prior to becoming a writer, I used to be a librarian, historian, and professional clown (but not all at once). But then, something happened: September 11, 2001. After the attacks, I felt great sadness and even greater determination. I knew there had to be a better way to bring people together, make good times happen, and transmit the values of love and caring. So I started my research. I read a lot, I wrote a lot. Now, seven books later...here I am. Today, my life's work is to share what I know about love, history, and passion with as many people as I possibly can. Sometimes, my work looks like very sexy paranormal romance novels. Other times, it is blog posts on history, feminism, and intercultural understanding. Ultimately, all of my work is about coming together. Because life is way better when people tell each other the truth of who they are.

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The Arousal to Zipper - Linda Mercury

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The Romance Writers of Australia: Thank you for the feedback on my workshop and for suggesting this book. You are all amazing.

Alexandra Franzen: You are the best idea woman on the face of the planet.

Coral the Magnificent: I love you.

And always,

The Charming Man. Without you, nothing would be possible.

WELCOME TO YOUR EXPLORATION of sensuality, writing, and how together, they make a great sex scene. In my workshop, Arousal to Zipper: Writing the Best Sex of your Life, I say that critics and readers can scoff at sexuality in literature. But sex is, literally, the stuff of life. It needs to be acknowledged during the writer’s process.


Because the world needs your truth. The world needs to see the complexity and the beauty of everyone’s emotions in every situation. I needn’t tell anyone who wants to write sexuality (no matter the heat level), that joyous,

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