What happened?! America used to be the most powerful and most respected nation in the world. America used to be the beacon of hope and the epitome of Democracy. America is now a mere caricature of what it used to be. Secular progressives and "anti-America" liberals have destroyed the moral fabric in which this country was founded upon. You need only to look at the moral decline and the incline of criminal activity to see that America needs a return to our Founding Father's original vision. Abortion runs rampant yet convicted criminals enjoy a life of free education and cable TV. We cut military spending resulting in terrorist attacks and then free those same terrorists from Guantanamo Bay. Americans have become apathetic. So long as we have American Idol, Big Macs and Wal-mart, we're content to let our "leaders" infringe upon our inalienable rights. It's time to take America back...
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