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A Mind for Sales: Daily Habits and Practical Strategies for Sales Success

A Mind for Sales: Daily Habits and Practical Strategies for Sales Success

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A Mind for Sales: Daily Habits and Practical Strategies for Sales Success

221 pages
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Mar 31, 2020


For salespeople tired of feeling stressed out, burned out, and bummed out that their customers don’t want to hear from them, A Mind for Sales is the guide they need to develop a success mindset and the habits required to breakthrough to a whole new level of sales performance.

Everybody knows the world of sales can be tough, and it’s easy to get discouraged when the rejections start piling up, and your customers stop picking up the phone. The wrong thought patterns can start to set in, and pretty soon you aren’t making your quota and are looking through job listings on your lunch break, waiting for the axe to fall.

Mark Hunter’s own start in sales was inauspicious, to say the least. He was fired from his first two stints before he began to learn the lessons that he covers in A Mind for Sales. He discovered that sales can be incredibly rewarding, such as when your customers call you for advice, thanking you for improving their business, and letting you know they just referred you to colleagues. The difference is simply developing mindset and momentum habits.

The good news is that you can learn how to grow a mind for sales like Hunter’s: “Today, sales is my life. It has gone way past being a job. I do not even see sales as a profession anymore; it is a lifestyle, and one I am proud to be living. I cannot imagine doing anything else.”

Let A Mind for Sales inspire and prepare you to form the new thoughts and habits you need to succeed and to realize the incredible rewards that a successful life in sales makes possible.

  • Feel reenergized by renewed purpose and success in your sales role by following the success cycle approach outlined in the book.
  • Receive practical strategies on how to change your mindset and succeed in sales.
  • Learn the daily habits needed to maximize productivity and make hitting the ground running strategy #1.
  • Gain real-world insights from Hunter’s vast experience as a highly successful sales professional and sales coach.
Mar 31, 2020

About the author

Mark Hunter, known as, "The Sales Hunter," is globally recognized for his expertise in sales leadership. He specializes in business development and guiding organizations to find and retain high-quality prospects without discounting their fee. His ability to inspire sales teams to create self motivating and integrity driven cultures, makes Mark Hunter a highly sought after keynote speaker, consultant and coach. Mark has taken his vision for sales leadership to more than 25 countries and 5 continents where he leads and consults with companies ranging from small startups to global giants.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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Inside the book

Top quotes

  • This is one of the reasons I coach salespeople struggling with their mindsets to have a list of outcomes they have helped customers achieve. Having a list to always reference helps prevent negative seeds from growing into full-blown thought patterns.

  • If you want to minimize the need to negotiate, then work to increase the level of trust between you and the other party.

  • Choose to measure something that will motivate you and drive your performance forward rather than driving you into a state of despair.

  • I know I will not always provide them with what they want because they do not yet know what they can have.

  • Schedule three to five calls before 10 a.m. to be proactive in doing what you do best—selling.

Book Preview

A Mind for Sales - Mark Hunter, CSP

Praise for A Mind for Sales

"More is not the answer. Better is. In A Mind for Sales, you’ll discover numerous practical strategies you can use to be at the top of your game, succeeding beyond what you thought possible."

—JILL KONRATH, speaker and author of More Sales, Less Time and SNAP Selling

What a refreshingly substantial piece of work. As Mark has highlighted, attitude is fundamental to sales success: with the right attitude, frontline sales professionals are more likely to embrace the skills they must have, implement the processes they need to retain control, and of course, continually expand their commercial bandwidth by increasing their knowledge. I like very much that he also highlights the fact that technology is not a panacea. It certainly is not arresting the alarming year-on-year decline in sales achievement levels—but absorption and implementation of Mark’s philosophies just might!

—JONATHAN FARRINGTON, CEO of JF Initiatives; Top Sales World, Top Sales Magazine

Everyone is in sales, but most people struggle with knowing what to do. This book is the answer! Mark shows everyone how to be better at promoting and influencing our products and services with systems and processes that work.

—MARY C. KELLY, Commander, US Navy (ret.) and CEO, Productive Leaders

"Mark Hunter has written a genius book that cuts right to the core of what makes the top 1 percent successful in sales—you, the sales professional, are the biggest factor. You are more important than all the technology in the world, and A Mind for Sales delivers tight, practical medicine for leveraging your greatest asset—your mind—to not only sell more but to enjoy life while you’re doing it. Every sales professional should read this book!"

—JAMES MUIR, CEO Best Practice International and author of The Perfect Close

Everyone knows that mindset is the most important factor in sales, but rarely do you find an expert and a book that can show you how to build and strengthen yours. Mark Hunter has written a truly unique and powerful sales book that goes beyond traditional skills and gives you the sales strategies you need to take your team to the next level.

—MERIDITH ELLIOTT POWELL, President, MotionFirst

"A Mind for Sales addresses all of the things you need to remember and execute to stay on top of your game. It is a must read for both people new to sales and veterans who are looking to stay relevant to their customers. If you want to see an immediate boost in your sales revenues, A Mind for Sales is your ticket. To top it off, it is written by one of the top sales thought leaders in the world—Mark Hunter."

—RON KARR, author of Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way

"Chapter 9 tells you why you should read this book: ‘Be the Difference-Maker Others Will Value.’ When you do that, your world will change. The world needs problem solvers, difference-makers, and proactive people who create opportunities. This book will make you that kind of person."

—JIM CATHCART, author of The Power Minute and founder of Cathcart.com

"The genius of Mark Hunter’s Mind for Sales is that it recognizes that excelling at sales isn’t about mastering the latest CRM tool, getting a more productive lead pipeline, or even perfecting your sales pitch. While those things definitely help, the most important thing is having the right mindset. If you’re a serious salesperson, you’ve probably already spent lots of time working on those other tools. Now it’s time to get your mind right. This book will help you do it."

—PAUL SMITH, author of Sell with a Story and The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell

"A Mind for Sales is about being real, relatable, and relevant . . . success in sales starts by looking inward. Mark hits this head-on as sales is a lifestyle. Sales professionals are leaders. With a servant mindset, Mark leads you down the path to sales prosperity as you develop your mind for sales."

—LARRY LEVINE, author of Selling from the Heart

© 2020 Mark Hunter

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Published by HarperCollins Leadership, an imprint of HarperCollins Focus LLC.

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ISBN 978-1-4002-1576-8 (eBook)

ISBN 978-1-4002-1567-6 (HC)

Epub Edition January 2020 9781400215768

Library of Congress Control Number: 2019948561

Printed in the United States of America

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Dedicated to the greatest family a

husband and father could ever ask for.

Ann Marie, Chris, Michelle, Sarah,

Andrew, Eli, Caleb, Amy and Jonathan



Title Page


Foreword by Anthony Iannarino


Introduction: I Should Not Be Here

SECTION I: Your Mind Drives Your Success

1 Mondays Are for Selling

2 Your Monday Mission

3 It Is All About You

4 Sales Is Leadership. Leadership Is Sales.

5 Sales Is Not Your Job. Sales Is Your Lifestyle.

6 Annual Goals Are Just the Starting Point

7 Sales Is Not Customer Service. Do Not Confuse the Two.

8 Sell First and Negotiate Second

9 Be the Difference-Maker Others Will Value

10 Being Passionate About Sales Is What Your Customers Expect

SECTION II: Your Greatest Assets

11 Your Three Greatest Assets: Your Time, Your Mind, Your Network

12 Protecting Your Time—Discipline Is a Virtue

13 Building Your Mind

14 Your Network Is Your Best Investment

15 Sales Is Not a Solo Activity. It’s a Team Sport.

SECTION III: Minefields and Mind Traps

16 Apps and Hacks Don’t Control You. You Control Them.

17 Social Selling Is Neither Social Nor Selling

18 What Your CRM Is Not Telling You

19 Quit Thinking Marketing Will Get You Leads

20 Sales Is Not a Numbers Game. Sales Is a Quality Game.

21 Your Pipeline Needs To Be a Water Faucet, Not a Sewer Pipe

SECTION IV: Don’t Let Your Customers Control Your Mind

22 Speed Sells. Simplify the Process.

23 Asking the Tough Questions

24 The Value of Hearing No

25 Not All Prospects and Customers Are the Same

SECTION V: The Future of Sales

26 You Do Not Close a Sale. You Begin a Relationship.

27 Next-Gen Sales

28 Do You Have a Mind for Sales?

About the Author



THE MOST VALUABLE real estate you will ever own is the six inches between your ears. The truth for most people is that those six inches containing the crinkly, pinkish-gray matter oftentimes owns them. Over time, your mind picks up all kinds of infections, like negative beliefs and disempowering ideas, all the while rationalizing a set of excuses that prevents you from becoming your best-ever self. When you work in a role that requires that you do hard things and where you are greeted with a no more frequently than any other role in business, your mindset is the critical factor to your success. Your mindset is also, potentially, your greatest asset.

In my first book, I wrote a math equation for success in sales. Here is the equation I scribbled: Mindset + Skill Sets + Tool Kits = sales success. A reader tweeted me that my math was bad. He suggested that the real equation is (Skill Sets + Tool Kits) × Mindset = sales success. The reader was right; mindset isn’t additive. Your mindset is a multiplier. A Mind for Sales is also a multiplier, providing you with a set of recipes for creating and sustaining an indomitable mindset, the kind necessary if you are going to succeed in sales.

Here is why you should read this book and take action. Over the last decade and a half, the chattering class in sales development have placed too much of an emphasis on increasing sales by using the new sales tools. While you need tools (it is part of the equation above), they provide efficiency—not effectiveness. No single tool in your sales stack is going to motivate you to do good work, nor will it create a client preference to work with you instead of your competitor. In the world we now occupy, you are the value proposition and the compelling, differentiated value your dream client is deciding to add to their team, and no technology can substitute for who you are.

During the same period that technology has attracted a lot of attention and captured a lot of salespeople’s time and attention, there have also been experts who have suggested that relationships are no longer important in sales, an idea I can’t imagine being possible outside of transactional sales. In a human endeavor in which you help people make changes and leave their current state for a better future state, how can sales not be about people? Sales is an other-oriented endeavor, not the smarmy, selfish selling of fifty years ago. Hunter (those of us who know and love him call him Hunter) opposes this idea, believing it misses the point of what the best salespeople do: they are not only known, liked, and trusted, but they also create real value for their clients.

Throughout this book that you hold in your hands, you will find another foundational set of beliefs that lead to greater success in sales. Those beliefs are about who you are and less about what you do. Selling effectively requires integrity, and those who don’t possess it don’t last long. You are going to be encouraged to build your approach on helping your clients achieve better results—including results they didn’t know were possible for them.

If you want a sales stack for greater effectiveness, you can’t do any better than a foundation of powerful beliefs, beliefs Hunter provides—along with strong direction as to how to act on them.

When I read this book, it wasn’t what I expected. But after I finished it, A Mind for Sales is exactly the book I should have expected from my friend, Mark Hunter. As I reflected back on the many times we have spoken on the same platform, I realized I have never seen him speak to an audience without a focus on mindset. As he writes here, Sales is leadership and leadership is sales. The statement is not only true, it’s also a good jumping off point here, as your mindset is a matter of your personal leadership. Here you will find the practical and tactical strategies necessary to build a mind for sales.

I can’t possibly end my thoughts on the importance of this book without mentioning Mondays. A good portion of the first part of this book is about being productive by planning, starting your Monday on Sunday, and preparing to get early wins at the start of the week. Starting your week with this kind of mindset will transform you—and it will transform your results.

—Anthony Iannarino Author of Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away from Your Competition


If not for the contributions of many, there is little chance this book would have ever come together. Writing a book is like going on an uncharted journey to a destination you want to reach but are unsure of how to get there. Each day on the journey, there are unexpected encounters, unplanned delays, and yes, amazing experiences. This sums up what writing a book is like: you have a message you want to share and a goal you want to reach, but each paragraph written is a new experience to be explored and examined closely.

The number of people who have helped me with this book is overwhelming and I want to start by calling out the team at HarperCollins Leadership. It is an honor to work with each of you and in particular, Tim Burgard. From our first meeting in your NYC office to the countless number of emails we’ve exchanged, I cannot say thank you enough for your guidance and support.

The second person I want to thank is Ann Stritt. Ann joined my team and within weeks was thrust into the daunting task of helping gather information, edit and re-edit this book. Along the way, she still managed to juggle every other business task and take care of her kids at home. Thank you, Ann, for your hard work and dedication to this project.

We become like those who we spend time with, and the number of sales experts I get to interact with is, without a doubt, a huge benefit. Years ago, I began sharing sales and business ideas with three individuals. Trust me when I say the sharing of ideas never ends. Anthony Iannarino, Mike Weinberg, and Jeb Blount, you three are brilliant, and it is a pleasure to dance with each of you.

To my agent, Charlotte Raybourn, you have helped me immensely. Thank you for your calm and patient demeanor. You keep me out of trouble more often than you realize. Your ability to create a plan and execute it is what makes you the best in the industry. Sam Richter, thank you for your patience as a business partner. You keep bringing creative ideas to life and your tenacity for never stopping is contagious. Maybe now that this book is written, I can spend more time with you and the business.

Sales is a lifestyle I enjoy, and yes, you can say I am passionate about it. Sales allows me to spend each day influencing people. I cannot say thank you enough to the thousands of people reading my online content, watching my videos, and sitting in the audience of my presentations. I am blessed to have so many people who value my ideas. It is humbling, to say the least. I hope I do not just meet your expectations but exceed them. If you know me, you know my faith is very important to me. My prayer each day is for the Lord to give me the strength, wisdom, and patience to do what I do. Without my faith, there is little doubt I would be able to achieve everything I have, including writing this book.

Finally, a very special thanks to my family. Many years ago, a woman I loved agreed to be my wife. Thank you, Ann Marie. I love you more today than when we were first married. Your support, not only in the business but in raising our kids and keeping things calm, is far more than I could have ever asked for. To our children, Chris and Michelle, and to their spouses and even to their kids, thanks for putting up with me.


I Should Not Be Here

WHEN YOU HEAR about somebody known as The Sales Hunter and realize they have gone as far as trademarking the name, you are likely thinking two things: First, this guy really loves to sell and, second, I wonder what his last name was before he changed it to Hunter? I hate to pop your bubble, but Hunter is my real last name. Thank you, Mom and Dad! And now you are thinking, the name Hunter is the reason why I am in sales. Clearly, I must love to prospect and hunt for customers. Nope! A career in sales was not the profession I wanted to go into. My dream job was advertising, actually. I went to college and took every course I could in advertising and marketing. Upon graduating, I intended to set out on my mission to make Madison Avenue my home.

How close did I get to achieving my dream job? Best I can say is, I had the dream but was never successful with the job. My career plans changed toward the end of my senior year in college. It was not

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