Furiously Mine: The Base Branch Series, #12

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Furiously Mine: The Base Branch Series, #12

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Length: 101 pages1 hour


She's the last person he wants to see and the only one who can help him. 

As a former Major in the Army, Natalie Winston is accustomed to calling the shots. As a former MP Detective, she habitually got her man, except for the one she walked away from. With a career stalled in bureaucratic bullshit and an opportunity as an elite operative for the UN's Special Forces unit to continue the work she loves, Natalie blows the States. After all, how hard could it be to find civilian contractors missing from an Army base in the middle of Afghanistan?Pretty damn hard when her cover is a no-rank laundry woman, working under a capital B that doesn't stand for boss. Add a horde of lewd soldiers and a head-on collision with the only man she ever loved to the combustible mix, and the odds against her and the missing women mount.Dixon McCabe is trying his damnedest to follow Base Branch orders and find the civilian contractors missing from US Army Base on foreign soil. The task would've been easier with a heads-up that ghosts from his past haunted the place. Nothing could have prepared him for the run-in with the woman who stomped his heart out of his chest. She shouldn't be here. She should be in a military castle shouting down orders from on high.When Dixon finds himself in the base's military police holding cell—the same kind he used to throw trash into before he found his calling for K-9 training—he's glad to have one loyal ally, the abused shepherd he liberated from the base. Too bad the dog doesn't have opposable thumbs. Dixon must rely on the one person guaranteed to hurt him like no other to uncover the truth behind the missing contractors.

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